SquarElectric is a Michael Schack/Steve Pittoors joint. A very original and 100% live electronic concert experience, where a drummer slams the drums and triggers the music bits, while the DVJ "Wattman" mixes and triggers the visuals. A success on YouTube and on live club and festival stages.


Together with DJ/Electro wizz Steve Pittoors, Belgian drummer/Drums’nDJ/producer Michael Schack has his own personal <> live & studio project.

As a much in demand and one of the first internationally successful V-Drums artists, Michael Schack travels the world to perform at international music events and drum festivals. In Europe, he’s also well known for his energetic live drumming with Netsky, Milk Inc and Kate Ryan amongst others. Through his solo performances in Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia, he’s been making his name as one of the first true <> solo artists.
Co-SquarElectric partner Steve Pittoors, aka "Money P", is apart from being a computer and video game geek also musical co-producer of the Belgian Hip Hop collective Halve Neuro, trio ABN en Defunkt’s Joseph Bowie's solo project Kosen Rufu.

Now if you want to see and hear more than a DJ who’s hiding behind his laptops and in too many cases appears to be checking e-mails on stage, then SquarElectric is going to be your cup of tea. It’s more than just “something new” : SquarElectric stands for real live electronic music interaction with today’s very picky audience.

SquarElectric goes beyond the typical DJ + live musician combination : it’s an energetic and musically tight 100% live performing drummer who fires his beats and sounds upon the live soundscapes and effects manipulated by the FX DJ/VJ/Wattman standing behind him. The real live played electronic drum beats combined with the live triggered mash up mixes are a true energy booster.
According to a Canadian music journalist, after Michael’s set at the MuTek festival in Montreal, June 2010 : “ Live played V-Drums and samples fire soundwaves & grooves ...and MOVE party people...”


Slam the Hot Spot: http://youtu.be/XhN65GjkLL4
Internet Mash Fight: http://youtu.be/LCe_yfhD91k
Clip One: http://youtu.be/4ohOYHCOYQI

SquarElectric -vs- Rohling "Löschen Bitte": http://youtu.be/87tSA94pDVA
Halve Neuro & Belgian Asociality & SquarElectric "100dB": http://youtu.be/Ub-k9ROkkqc