Square One

Square One

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Square One uses their lives in Brooklyn as a catalyst to show their vision of what hip-hop was,is, and should be. Torch and Hi Def produce music for the masses while still maintaining their artistic integrity. Through conscience lyrical content and unique flows, they are ready to resurrect the game.


Square One's style consists of unique flows mixed with conscience word choices aimed at producing metaphors that stimulate conversation once a track is over. In one album, they can create club hits that illicit a physical response and follow it by laying a track that hits upon world events, from the tragedy in Haiti to the inner struggle that most Americans are dealing with in today's society. Not only intent on creating music that people can use to escape their everyday stresses, Square One uses their pens to write their souls' message, hoping to connect to their supporters and spread their mantra of hope, faith in one's self and the idea of a better future.

Yesterday is history, today is a gift. Tomorrow is what the hip-hop regime “Square One” is currently focused on. It has been said that the torch Brooklyn once carried is no longer lit. The year is 2010 and in the eyes of "Square One", it's not about being the “future” anymore. The truth is you can't place boundaries or a time frame on the future. The young men who are about to change the way Brooklyn is perceived are ecstatic about the road ahead of them, so much so that they’ve became insomniacs. They are "Square One"; but for all extensive purposes, call them "Torch and High Def". Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, "Torch and High Def" embody the Hip-Hop nation and everything it stands for. The two possess a swagger that only a true “Brooklyn Boy” could and emulate it in everything they do from their witty punchlines to their stylish wardrobe. Their presence has enabled them to confidently refer to themselves as heartthrobs to the ladies, and role models for the young gentleman. The diligence and professionalism that the 25 and 21-year-old lyrical technicians possess is shown in the recording studio, on stages, and behind cameras. With a strong catalog of hits and a solid fan base, "Square One" decided it was time to take things to the next level by collaborating with worldwide producers. They promised each producer hits and they did more then deliver. They created a buzz within the music industry after getting a look from the "Ruff Ryders", who coined them, "The Future". "Square One" is no stranger to hard word either. Their music has been featured on many projects including ("Coast 2 Coast mixtape" 82 and 83, "Better Late Than Never", "Swag Season", "The Beat Made Me Do It" & MUCH MORE. These "Brooklyn Boys" have been making things happen on all levels in the music industry. Square One is also getting involved in the community. They State: “We're just trying to make a better tomorrow not only for OUR families, but for YOUR family and friends as well”. "Square One" sincerely states, “We just want everybody to know that nothing is promised so make decisions today that may positively change tomorrow. If you're young and bettering yourself through schooling, training, community service, etc. you're the future right along with us. Let's just get out here and make believers out of the people who have been here before us; some of whom may have already written us off. Nothing is impossible.”


Swag Season
The Beat Made Me Do It
Gunz n Roses

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