Square Root

Square Root

BandHip Hop

Original Hip-Hop, Thought provoking but entertaining, intelligent and sexy, cool and laid back at times, this style CD will be relevant for a long time to come.


Basically what it boils down to is that Square Root has many influences and many stories to tell, but mainly that Square Root along with a couple of long time band members have continued to make music together for over 14 years and literally hundreds and hundreds of shows together.


6 Bullets to the chest; Black on Black Crime; Steps of a Warrior; Bloody Sunday(Selma March Tribute);A Dozen Diamonds of Warfare; Solo Projects: Math Majikal(2004) & Factor Me In(2006).

Set List

My set is determined by show length i.e. if its more than an hour set I will do all original songs, but I'll use a mixtape style using popular instrumentals. If it's a half hour or less I do all original compositions.