Squares are a Minneapolis-based band with a genre-bending mix of rock, folk, eastern European, and psychedelic music. Swirling guitars, haunting melodies, and epic arrangements populate the music. Lyrics revolve in and out of the songs with dark, poetic, strange, and ethereal soundscapes.


Squares started in Minneapolis from a long-time musical partnership of Luke Friedrich and Brian VanHout. The 2 had played music together in Minneapolis for years, and were looking to start something new together. When the project started to take direction, they asked another former bandmate, Adam Rucinski, to join them on a modified, minimalist drum set. Songs began to take shape, and Tim Anderson and Haley Fleming were brought in to bring the band to a new level of intricate instrumentation, including violin, keyboards, and accordion. The band draws from a wide range of influences and interprets the music in their own sonic vision.


2012 - Squares - Deep Breath EP
2012 - Squares - VasoVagal EP
2012 - Squares - Three Theories