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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Great Vocal Work"

Squaretape is a five-member San Francisco-based independent band. Their first release is a self-titled six-song EP.
Musically the band claims to be a cross between Devo, The Kinks and the Talking Heads; listening to their debut EP one will quickly see this is not far from the truth. The band plays up-tempo, pop-accessible rock songs that have a bit of a dancey new wave sound to them, not unlike a quirkier version of many popular dance-rock bands playing today. “The Wall’s GOnna Break You Down” has a great melody, with a catchy bassline, while “Ragdoll” shows the band slowing things down a bit by playing a song that is a bit Cure-y in its brooding catchy new wave sound.
Vocally the band does some great work on their debut EP. The band shows off some good harmonizing and catchy lead vocals which range from super-falsetto (“The Wall’s Gonna Break You Down”) to a bit more melodic and introspective (“Ragdoll.”) Lyrically the band has written some fairly catchy songs, though at times they are a bit simple and repetitive.
Overall: This is a catchy EP with some fun, original dance-rock/new wave music.
- PuckNation.com

"Just a Fun Listen"

Square Tape - Squaretape - CD
(Squaretape) This release starts off with the tune “The Wall’s Gonna Break You Down,” a syth-infused disco beat with dancy falsetto male vocals, all which give this song a fun dance floor feel. “Standing Offer” has a saucy alternative lounge groove going on, while the pulsating bass lends a creepy feel to my fave on this release, “Ragdoll” While most of the release is dancy, Squaretape end this release on an acoustical note with the ditty, “Shoshana”. This is just a fun listen.
? Mite Mutant (2007)
- The ChickenFishSpeaks.com

"A Fun-Loving Disc That Draws You In"

The debut EP from Squaretape is a weird little recording that jumps around between 80s synth driven pop, freeform jazz and rock all while maintaining an upbeat attitude. From the jaunty rock and tambourine banging “Shoshana” to the boundless energy of the wailing synthpop on “The Wall’s Gonna Break You Down,” Squaretape always seem to find a place to squeeze some falsetto vocals in and harmonize with the melody. When all is said and done, there is just something plain fun about Squaretape.

Sounds Like: A fun loving 80s flashback that draws you in with catchy hooks
- PlugInMusic


Squaretape - EP; released March 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Squaretape was formed in 2004 by multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Kirk Hamilton. A Downbeat Magazine award-winning jazz saxophonist and composer, Hamilton began to teach himself the guitar in 2003. A year later, he formed Squaretape with guitarist Dan Nervo; the band’s personnel also includes Dan Apczynski on guitar, keyboards, and vocals, Brian Fox on bass, and Peter Thomas on drums.

2006 saw the band playing sold-out shows and opening for national acts like Storm Large and Banyan, as well as hard at work in the studio, recording a six-song EP. Released in March of 2007, the self-titled disc is a collection of the driving beats, shimmering vocal harmonies, ripping guitars, and angular synths that have become inextricable components of the band’s sound.