Square Trio

Square Trio


We are a progressive trio that writes awesome music by pooling our individual talents. We are up-beat and joyful at times, we are down tempo and dejected at other times. We think as a band it is important to be bipolar, yet as individuals we are all very level headed. We are teeming with creativity.


Square Trio is the amalgamation of three thriving songsmiths who collectively and individually create euphonious music for the enjoyment of humanity.

Because each member of the band writes music independently, and also contributes to the collective songwriting process, Square Trio frequently invokes a variety of inspired musical styles, including:
This all-inclusive approach to the songwriting process stems from a general philosophy maintaining that great music is made in every genre. Square Trio aims to broaden its own musical horizons, provoking imagination and encouraging innovation.

To maintain a fresh approach towards songwriting and performing, the members of Square Trio often take turns exchanging instruments or playing multiple instruments simultaneously. This unorthodox practice culminates in the spectacle of Square Trio's live performance. Brimming with versatile creative ability, Square Trio continually makes music that inspires thought and emotion, and most importantly entertains.


After Chill

Written By: Aaron Lagger & Bo Dierker

She'll give to you with one hand
And slap you with the other
Just like Life gives you life
Then with death she steals your thunder.

I'll raise my own kids to be just like my mother
so that they can raise theirs to look at life like a lover

If you can adore her and remember not to plunder
then life will honor your being fall winter spring and summer
If you can implore her to speak under your slumber
your dreams will weave the brightest beams
of all the unknown colors

I'll be gone
life goes on

We'll be gone
I know
Steady as she goes
Life will find a way

(1st verse repeated)

We'll be gone
Life goes on


"Life Moves in Circles" Self-Released LP (2006)

Self-Released EP (2008)

"A Subtle Shifting Change"
Self-Released LP (2009)

Set List

Square Trio aims to please. Our repertoire grows everyday. We usually play one or two 45 min. sets but are capable of playing longer. We do not usually play covers, only original music.