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The best kept secret in music


"Music Review: Squarewell"

No rough edges are heard with Squarewell, their music is solid and combines a calming side to the typical punk/alternative scene. The influences of punk, alternative and classic rock are heard throughout the album, but Squarewell manages to bring the band to a higher level through vocals and beats that veer from the norm.

With a calming sound, Squarewell encompasses the right mixture of soft and hard. And to add to the already solid arrangement, the band has the look and is working hard to get their name out there.

With the talent and the persistence it wouldn’t be over the top to think that Squarewell will be the next big thing. Their sound is original, but not too far from some of the hot bands out there today. Squarewell is different enough to set themselves apart from the herd, yet not so different that they would have a difficult time fitting in.

Take the time to get to know one of Louisville’s up and coming Squarewell

Squarewell formed in the late spring/summer of 2002. From its inception the chemistry weas undeniable. Squarewell consists of five members: Martin Kehl (21), Brandon Duggins (23), Jeff Drake (23), Matt Jaggers (18) and Bryan Jones (23). Based in Louisville, KY the band actually formed from the end of another musical endeavor, my life denial. My life denial toured the east coast extensively for five years selling their debut album “change starts in the mirror.” Squarewell is taking over where ‘my life denial’ left off and has begun touring the east coast since November of 2002.
- Stacie Skinner: Louisville.com Louisville Magazine

"Another Year."

another year, another wave of music. if you're a little tired of these drive-thru bands being force fed to you, take a look at squarewell. they beautifully merge the genres of hard rock and emo with a little twist to them. these five talented musicians from louisville, ky provide a quite cathartic change of pace from menial radio rock and pop-punk while not skimping on the emotion. be sure to check these guys out before it's too late and you're a bandwagon jumper. - CdStreet.com : Geoff Glaab


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Squarewell formed in the late spring/early summer of 2002. The original line-up included: Martin Kehl, Jeff Drake, and Paul Dailey. The band began very comfortably, since each member was a part of a well-known local band which played and toured together for 5 years. Squarewell sought out a more comfortable kind of music and began writing immediately. After several rehearsal sessions the inherent need for another guitarist was apparent. At this point Brandon Duggins entered the band filling in all of the writing gaps.

Squarewell then began to write music and entered the studio in late 2002. The 4-song Self-Titled LP was born from these studio sessions and touring began. Prior to playing the first live show the need for "guitar" help at live performances was noticed. A friend named Matt Jaggers was asked to play guitar at live performances in order to free up hands and allow flexibility. Eventually the noticeable chemistry and talent from Matt spawned the decision to invite Matt into the band permanently making Squarewell a finished 5 piece.

Playing every venue in the eastern U.S. that Squarewell could get their hands on they consistently increased their fan base and nearly sold out of their self-titled LP. This also gained them interest from several major and indie record labels across the U.S. The constant touring/rehearsal schedule causes the last change in the band. In order to concentrate on a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Paul Dailey leaves the band on good terms and Bryan Jones takes his spot on bass guitar. Without missing a beat with touring and writing, the band is complete and currently working on material for their upcoming full length.

Be on the look out for squarewell in your city.