Squeak Da' Don

Squeak Da' Don

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My music is entertaining,touching on every subject.It's enjoyable and can be listened to years from now.So if you buy it or download it now you can enjoy it years from now.


Travis Bell a.k.a. Squeak Da' Don I come from the streets of Hammond,La. home of the bricks a.k.a. 3rd World Projects.I'm the 3rd of 4 kids a girl and three boys out of the boys I'm the most focused.I struggled on my on for awhile from no clothes,no shoes,no food you know the tipical from rags to riches stories.But I'm not rich I'm getting by and everything I got I got on my own no support or help and I'm better off then I was when I depending on people. I've been into music since '97 but I was not fortunate enough to start or know the ropes of the game so I wasn't to focused,but as the years went by groups around the city of Hammond starting coming along(212 Ent.,YZ GYZ,HUSTLE GRIND,CLICK TIGHT and B.Y.A.) and even though I was one of the most respected and best around I never got a chance to even feature ON a track.So I did the only thing I could do to get heard start my own label to show'em and prove'em wrong.Now I got some plugs in the game,I'm coming for what's rightful mines "THE CROWN" so journey with me as I head for the top. P.S. TO ALL MY BOSS SQUAD FANS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT THANX


working on album,bout to release a single"Get That Money"

Set List

my set is about 3 or 4 songs,hype crowds,21 & up