Squeaky Clean Cretins

Squeaky Clean Cretins


a vast variety of inluences is molded into a sound thats holds on to folk roots but never ceases to stay put. Songs that make you dance. Songs that make you think. Songs about you. Songs about us. Songs that make you feel good. Old tricks, new dog, new sound.


The Squeaky Clean Cretins adhere to the deep roots of folk tradition while adding a contemporary spin to their songwriting. They are quickly becoming recognized on the midwest festival circuit for their knack of combining beautifully crafted melodies with blended harmony vocals and infectious guitar riffs. Their eclectic songwriting style runs the gamut from pertinent and socially aware to care fre hook-inspired jams that move crowds to their feet. The Cretins call the Lake Superior country of Michigan's Upper Peninsula home, and if you listen just right, you might hear the rolling waves of the Big Lake woven intricately into the fabric of their songs.


2007- full length- "of flesh, of marrow"

Set List

Only Traces
Dollar Lama
Fly Fishin
These States are Gates
Murky Water
Life is a Shark
Something Free
Shakespeare Dancing

Covers by: the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, Donavon, and others