Squeaky Clean Cretins

Squeaky Clean Cretins


The Squeaky Clean Cretins are a fresh, original voice in the indie/folk-rock scene. Their songs are crafted from folk tradition, but with a high energy contemporary spin. Words such as 'playful', 'joyous', 'eclectic' and 'surprising' are often used to describe their music. Great stage presence!!!


The Squeaky Clean Cretins call the Lake Superior country of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula home. If you listen just right, you might hear the rolling waves of the Big Lake woven intricately into the fabric of their songs. The Cretins adhere to the deep roots of folk tradition while adding a contemporary spin to their songwriting. Although it’s hard to stamp a label on this band due to their ability to take the music in a multitude of directions, the vibe of the band can be described as indie/americana/folk-rock. They definitely have a niche for combining beautifully crafted melodies with blended harmony vocals and infectious guitar riffs. Their eclectic songwriting style runs the gamut from pertinent and socially aware to carefree hook-inspired jams that move crowds to their feet. Words such as “playful,” “joyous” and “surprising” are often used to describe the band. Their music is highly original, rich and heartfelt. Their stage presence is undeniable.

The Cretins are quickly becoming recognized on the midwest festival circuit and beyond. They released their debut CD “of flesh, of marrow” in October 2007 and are now in the mixing and mastering phase of their much anticipated follow-up release, expected out by early 2009. The band has performed at the following festivals or venues: Earthwork Harvest Gathering, Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, Calumet Theatre, Porcupine Mountains Music Festival, Eccentric Café at Bells Brewery, Keweenaw Folk Festival, Chain O’ Lakes Music Fest, White Crow Conservatory of Music, Eagle River Bridgefest, Crazy Wisdom Tea Room, Bubblefest, Kraftbrau Brewery, Horizon Books, Thimbleberry Jam Fest, Woodtick Music Festival, and many other clubs and coffee houses.


Debut release in 2007 - "of flesh, of marrow". New release will come out in early 2009. Visit our myspace page to hear some more tunes at:


Set List

We play our own original music from the 2 CDs we've released and beyond. Expect some surprises and quirky covers thrown in! This is a fun band of highly skilled musicians.