Squid Lid

Squid Lid

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Squid Lid is a DARK ELECTRO-POP spectacle for the everyday explorer.


Squid Lid is a DARK ELECTRO-POP spectacle for the everyday explorer. 

Emerging from Canada's largest club scene in Toronto, Squid Lid incorporates elements of Industrial, Electro-House, Dubstep, Grunge Grit, & Cinematic Soundtracks into their truly unique sound. 

Squid Lid began in 2009 as an underground rave act featuring DJ Jonah K and composer James Zirco Fisher.  Deep bass beats with whimsical circus melodies was their sound while they performed in signature backlight creature costumes.  The departure of Jonah K in 2012 marked the arrival of vocalist Chloe Dellark and an evolution of the project.  

With three official albums under their lids: Steam Powered Submarine, Crypto Zoo and Tackle Box Squid Lid is set to release their fourth official album in JUNE 2016.