WA Band sQuire might sound a little Stone Roses here or a little Oasis there, there's also as much UK New Wave as there is '60s psychedelia, so it's the complete deal. For all that, there is enough of a distinctive sound to suggest a true sQuire sound emerging.


The Story So Far
August 2006

And so we land in Berlin…

The journey from Australia saw WA band “sQuire” reach number #6 in the WAMI charts in Perth, join the national festival circuit and record “Gimme Feeling” in Sydney before we set sail for our dates with the NRW WM2006 festival.

Having come so far, the story is only just beginning!

Released in June 2006, (MGM/ REVEALmusix) three of the four songs on the “Gimme Feeling” EP are already rotating on airwaves (JJJ, FBI, Motor FM, Radio NRW, SWR3) across Europe. “Basic Existence” joined the title song “Gimme Feeling” as a summer favourite with the German audiences, while “Everybody’s Talking” has moved north to Scandinavian radios as the anthem for the Mobile Phone Company Mobile Choice.

Embracing the excitement and charisma experienced here in Germany in such a short time, sQuire have found a new home! Based in the hub of Berlin, the band have set about writing and producing their debut album curiously titled “48 minutes in 1968”.

Fresh from the WM2006 shows, sQuire are planning new live shows in Berlin and another German Tour for the Autumn.

This will give the new German fan base the unique opportunity to preview “sQuire’s” new album.

Furthermore sQuire are proud to announce they were invited to In The City Manchester in October 2006.

Experiences make the story and define a time - sQuire!


sQuire released their EP “Gimme Feeling” on REVEALmusix in Australia and Germany June 8th, 2006. Their songs are available on iTunes.de musicload.de napster.de aol.de amazon.de and iTunes.com.au waterfrontrecords.com

Radio Airplay

-Motor FM
-Radio NRW

-Key103 FM, Manchester, UK
-FoxFM, Melbourne, National airplay (part of the Austereo network)
-Today FM, Sydney, National airplay (part of the Austereo network)
-92.9FM, Perth, National airplay (part of the Austereo network)
-Nova FM, Perth, Sydney
-FBiFM, Sydney
-RTR FM, Perth
-GrooveFM, Perth
-TwinCities FM, Perth

'Gimme Feeling' track list:
1. Basic Existence
2. Fighting Fever
3. Everybody's Talking
4. Gimme Feeling