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Trinity from the bottom to the Top!


No awards, no high profile, and no gigs. I was Born Oliver L. Forbes in Bogalusa, Louisiana to the wonderful parents of Cynthia and Oliver Forbes. I spent my childhood as many young minds, growing and developing into the aspirations of self. Nevertheless, things changed. I found a beautiful wife who shared the same compassion for love toward God that I had. Thus, this changed and furthered my endeavor. In 2002 I attended Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma and sought after a communal attempt of trying to understand “God”. Subsequently, I devoted my efforts, majoring in theology, picking up what notions I could. Upon completion of that chapter of my life, I continued on all the while having a fascination for the love of God and music. I turned my attention to scripture, guitar, and lyrical composition tapping into creative ways of explaining what I felt to a more secular induced culture. Fast forward a couple of years and here I am. Seeking an organization that shares the same vision in helping to restore what is lost in our weeping world and share the love of Jesus Christ


The Blood

Written By: Squire

Artist: Squire
Song: The Blood
Date: Sept 05, 2010
Verse 1
Blood from the bottle, the motto to follow the Red stained cardigan slow tick Movado, and even if the slow tick stuck like staccato, will he choose the auto, semi to the auto. And I’m so Remington should of chose the hollow aim so Pennington please choose the hollow, and it is so evident Squire’s for the hollow, now back to the model fully to the Auto. Trinity I’m so trinity she can’t keep her little model hands off *nah nah*, Trinity I’m so Trinity spit it like a Holy merc-mercenary. Spit it like that Holy mer-mercy’s on me, if you cut Him wide open, I bet you He bleed, Water and the Blood such a volatile rub, but Squire on the track is such a voluntary must!
The Blood, up-up The Blood, I’m so Hova like. They are on the left side I am on the right, walk up to the pulpit Water on the mic.
The Blood, up-up The Blood, I’m so, so-so-so. Back against the wall Blood up on the floor, Water in the chamber, it’s a Holy War.
Verse 2
Built with asphalt like in the Image of the ___ that’s why I stand here thicker. That’s why I dig her, earth to the bottom of the pit, like the bottomless pit, at the bottom of the pit. Be the bottom of my lip when it clicks with the top lip Squire spits nothing but Holies. Rosary wrapped around me, like you wrap around greed, I’m so TRINITY! I mean I’m so for the Three, GOD to the Father to the bottom of the Son. Bottom of the Son to the middle of me lung, middle of me lung to the finger of the One. Finger of the One on the handle of the gun, Barrel of the gun be the barrel of me tongue. And I’m so for the Blood, yeah that’s right; I keep it popping for the Blood.
Verse 3
Pass the BLO-O-to the D, sniff it through me nostrils maybe I will be. Track marks its evident only thing in he, is *JES-to the US, HRIST after C*. And I’m in the US Water soaked sleeve, Blood on my forehead squat on the heat. Ain’t nobody going to recognize me I’m PE-to the CULIAR so TRINITY!! I smear it in like toxic in the mud, bad with a pocket full of Blood. Mr. yeah I’m a tear it from the bottom ground up I’m Trinity bound, bind everything up. 72 ho-urs to the bottom and I’m up, what’s the issue down here I’m the product of the Blood-clot on for the RULER yeah that’s it, you get that Blood Bank, hey what that Blood Thank!

© 2010


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