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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Squish's Heavy Message"

""Squish", a four member Vancouver (WA) band has mastered the mannerisms of the rock world, even though the oldest member is only 13."

"kids flock to them after their shows." - The Columbian Newspaper

"Clark County WA.com"

"You can bet that these kids will be turning heads nationally this year, and with plans to take their act international, the sky is the limit. I could definitely see them being the biggest act coming out of Washington State since Nirvana." - Clark County WA

"Vancouver Family Magazine"

"Squish is rocking the teen set and they've developed quite a following in Clark County...
I went to see them at Hough... The gym contained mostly excited tweens and younger siblings, along with their parents... most of whom rushed to get autographs from the rock stars at the end of the show.
By the second song the kids had ditched their seats to take their place dancing up near the stage, unable to hold back their obvious enthusiasm. The set included songs the parents couldn't help but recognize and sing along to." - Vancouver Family Magazine


Squish (EP with 3 karaoke tracks)
All songs receive radio airplay and streaming media airplay.


Feeling a bit camera shy


These young musicians have been together since August of 2006 and have managed to rock their concerts with so much energy and sheer talent that word has spread worldwide about their performances, and they have been able to book some of the largest venues in the Northwest such as Six Flags, KIDFEST, and other huge shows! They have been invited to play all over the United States, and have been receiving invitations from venues as far away as Europe, China, and Australia!

Squish was started in 2006 by Anson Jr.'s father.
When Anson Jr. was 8 years old, his father began introducing him on stage as a guest drummer at festivals that his father's band was playing in. Anson Jr. would get on the drums and play "Wipe Out" and other songs with incredible style and accuracy. Needless to say, he stunned everybody. When he was 9, his father opened a music store.

Anson's father had been keeping an eye open for another instrument player who was up to Anson Jr.'s caliber, but hadn't found anyone around his age. One day an 11 year old, named Hayden walked into "Purple Monkey Music", with his father, to look at a few guitars. Hayden said that he had only been playing for 8 months. He grabbed an electric guitar off the wall and played Van Halen's "Eruption" flawlessly. Everyone was floored. He went on to play Nirvana and AC/DC as well. Anson's father invited Hayden to play with Anson Jr. in a new band called "Squish", that he was forming at the store as an experiment. Hayden and Anson Jr. got together a week later and played some of the songs they knew and everybody watching felt like we were in MTV Unplugged.

In no time, Anson's father posted an ad for a singer and hoped at best, for a boy or girl who would be able to carry a tune. What we ended up with is a dynamic young singer named Sarai, who was discovered at her sisters choir concert that Anson's father leads at a local public school. Not only does she bring a strong style of rock and pop to the band, but she is a song writing genius!

Lastly, we needed a bass guitarist. That was found in Josh. He is totally cool and fun to be around, and is fast with his fingers. He started as a guitarist last year and switched to bass guitar for "Squish" and absolutely loves it. Josh also sings like a rock star and can play like you wouldn't believe!

The band is complete, and just released their forst CD.

Squish is out to prove that rock and roll comes from within and has no age limits. These good looking clean cut kids are the world's new generation of real rock and rollers! See you at the shows!