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Orlando, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Hip Hop




"Canorous Camisado"

“SR. Gent with his most recent release, Canorous Camisado LP. A fun, witty, and versatile 26-track album with many twists, turns, and likability factors that carry lyrical club themes that definitely adds to the energy of the content. With his first track “Aloha”, we have a subtle, pleasant, and well-put-together song with some great hooks that bring out the best of each element the track offers. Meanwhile, “Asocial” is a more upbeat club banger that puts an energy in the playing field that resonates with its predecessor, but all the more shows a more dynamic side to SR‘s execution in his signature songwriting and style. Now “Don’t Let Me Down” has by far one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard in quite some time. With SR‘s sing-songy style during the verses, it perfectly parallels the chorus along with the production value. If there’s a radio #1 hit that comes from this album, this track holds the crown.”
(May 07, 2017) - Justyn Brodsky


“SR.GENT: “GOLD” – TRANSPORTING LISTENERS TO A THROWBACK DANCE PARTY! On his latest single , “Gold”, SR.Gent transports late ’80s and early ’90s R&B and pop into hiphop’s modern age. After a much anticipated release date, fans are finally met with classic sounds and familiar melodic structures that take them back to the R&B and Pop they fell in love with in the past. Technically innovative and sonically soothing to the soul, SR.Gent’s new single is a nostalgic project that just might serve as the foundation for a new era in crossover pop and hip-hop. “Gold” is a single taken off SR.Gent’s critically acclaimed album “Canorous Camisado”.” - - Staff,

"Canorous Camisado (Album Review)"

“SR.Gent: “Canorous Camisado” thrives on overarching lyrical themes and a cohesive flow. The first thing that strikes you when listening to “Canorous Camisado” is that SR.Gent is truly a multi-genre artist. From Pop to R&B and EDM to Hip-hop, each song has its own defined style on this album. That’s not to say it’s a mess of random, incongruous sounds. SR.Gent knew what he wanted this beast to be, and he went to great lengths to bring it to life. Whether it’s his voice, or his taste for off-kilter beats, SR.Gent just does things differently, and he may be divisive because of it.” - Rick Jamm



KB: Thanks for coming through SR.Gent. First things first, how would you describe your sound?..
I describe my sound as a blend of all that I’ve enjoyed. Meaning that fans will hear remanence of country, pop, rock, elm, and rap when listening to my catalog.

KB: And of course you have a new project coming out ’Sunshine Paradigm’ . Tell us about that and the process involved in creating it?
Creating Sunshine Paradigm was an amazingly good time. I recorded the songs over the course of a year and 2 months. This was done because for each song I got the instrumental and mix/master done by The Legion at a rate of a 1 month, because I am a platinum level member of their subscription service.

KB: What are some of the themes and concepts you included on this project?
The only theme for the project is that each song is perfect for dropping the top and riding on a sunny day. The vision I held in mind while creating it was one of hot days growing up in Tucson, Az.

KB: The song has since garnered quite a good reception on . What has the reception to “Sunshine Paradigm” been like on your end?
I have got great feedback from my peers and industry professionals who say that this project is going to change my life.

KB: Any particular bands or artists you took inspiration from?
I can’t name any one band or artist, but growing up living in different states, and spending 8 years in the army I was exposed to a wide range of music, and to this day listen to multiple genres.

KB: What are your hopes for the new single ‘Sunshine Paradigm’?
I am hoping that Get Loose is well received by the industry and the fans of the grammy award winning featured artist Constantine. This track will be the first single of my career.

KB: What can you tell us about your plans for the rest of 2019?
2019 is closing with a bang, as market and promote Get Loose leading to the release of Sunshine Paradigm on Feb 24, 2019.

KB: What message do you have for your fans out there?..
That love is the only way forward, regardless of the problem.

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“I believe that there are many ways to get things done, but insist on doing it the right way”

With such a positive and professional mindset, Lester Rodell Smith Jr. AKA SR.Gent set out to develop an outstanding reputation for himself, on a quest to redefine the way the music industry works. His mission is to support and empower indie artists, allowing them to seize opportunities and gain knowledge to enhance their careers.

Lester is originally from Tucson, AZ, but also lived in Atlanta, before joining the army in 2007. Following two tours in Afghanistan, he was medically retired in 2014 later moving to Orlando, Florida, where he currently resides.

As an entrepreneur, artist and songwriter, he is inspired by artists the likes of Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson and Lyfe Jennings to create a powerful direct and edgy sounds, echoing the golden age of music. His music is all about insightful lyrics, dense beats and great melodies, which truly resonate with the audience. Besides working as a recording artist, known under the stage name of SR.Gent, he is also the owner of LTP INC, an independent record label.

SR.Gent is the proud and committed father of Lhyric Rylee Smith, but he also focuses on his music career with a lot of dedication and undying passion. In 2017, he graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. His debut album, a thought-provoking release titled “Canorous Camisado” is an example of the artist’s incredible versatility and utmost flexibility, breaking all the conventions and incorporating many different influences. Currently, Lester manages his record label LTP INC as a primary professional focus. In addition to being signed to his own label, he has 4 label mates on the label, CashOnAble, Gutta Terantino, DTrick Tha Bandit, and Stefanello. Get familiar with the LTP family at

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