"Manchester's most enchanting musical prospects", desribed as "Music Noir" and "Edith Piaf on steroids". Gig listings and more info can be found via the website -


A unique trio based in Manchester, SRGents lead the résistance against young whippersnappers playing in bands who couldn't spot a tune if it slapped them in the face. These hard working gentlemen have performed Europe wide, with over a hundred gigs in two years, from intimate bookshops to festival main stages.

Described as Manchester’s most enchanting musical prospects, SRGents continue to leave audiences slack-jawed across this green and pleasant land.

Lead by predominantly French vocals, and supported by melodic bass and a drummer who effectively doubles on trumpet, SRGents transform any venue in to a Parisian Left Bank establishment.

"Trading in dandy-ish jazzy guitar-pop, they bring to mind The Libertines jamming with Serge Gainsbourg while chugging on a Gauloise with Edith Piaf; their songs full of bruised hearts, psychosexual melodramas and quaint old-school romanticism."
"…the last gang of romantics in town."

"What we have here Ladies and Gentlemen is Music Noir"
"Clean guitars, honest beats and a vocal that at times infiltrates your most secretive bodily crevasses. An electrified skiffle sound with the lust of a young French man trying to seduce his virgin sweetheart."

‘…a mix to warm the heart, the lust and the ardour evoke loving and emotive lyricism, which drifts out to the audience, and can only induce rapture.’
Sandman Magazine

Scotfestival 5 Star Recommendation


Volume 1 EP 2007
Volume 2 EP (tba)2010

Set List

Sets up to 1hr 30mins