Bangalore, Karnātaka, IND
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Formed in late 2007, Suman Sridhar and Jeet Thayil combine their unmistakable talents of word-smithing, song writing and all-round performing to cook up a jazz-toned, grass-root feel stew pot of sexy groove music.


Formed in late 2007, Sridhar/Thayil is the collaboration between classically trained jazz singer Suman Sridhar and published performance poet, seasoned blues guitarist Jeet Thayil.

Jeet Thayil is a performance poet, songwriter, and author of four books including 'These Errors are Correct' (Tranquebar, 2008). He has been described as "a master of the knockout lyric punchline." Jeet has performed at venues as diverse as the Jaipur Literary Festival (Jaipur), the Knitting Factory (NYC), the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (Mumbai), and the Edinborough Book Festival (UK); and with bands such as Atomic forest, Crosswinds, Chronic Blues Band (India) and Bombay Down (NYC). His TV and audio programs have aired on CNN-IBN and All India Radio.
Suman Sridhar is a singer, actor, and songwriter. She grew up in Mumbai with Hindustani and Carnatic music and is trained in Western classical music (NJ). Suman directed and produced 'Yoni Ki Baat' in NJ, USA, where she sang with several jazz bands. Her vocals appear on independent albums including 'Bliss Beyond' (Earth Tones Music, 2005). On stage, she has appeared in musicals such as My Fair Lady (USA) and Exit the King (India). Suman has been described as a "wonderful ironic soprano" who "provides depth with a clear sound."

S/T's first show was at the Galle festival in Sri Lanka followed by gigs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and the UK.

The Asian Age review describes them as "an unabashedly intriguing act in the present." Their songs are best described by The Times of India as "jazz-toned, grass-root feel stew pot of sexy groove music", with a dose of Hindustani, wailing guitar, spoken word and electronic beats.

"Suman Sridhar got words spilling from her mouth, eyes and finger tips...You can hear this artist's passion in her voice...It rolls over the jazz structures like the tones of a mature Vanessa Paradis meets Bjork reborn with the controlled honey that comes with Indian classical training."

"Thayil's gravelly, clear cut delivery… You need to hear the man tell it on 'This Be the Beat' to truly believe that he knows his jazz! He has that sensibility of the vein-and-bone four piece blues band, where it takes four tired, jazz-souled people to swing an entire club through the night."
-Priyanka Joseph, Times of India Review

"Refreshingly engrossing and honest."

"Whatever does happen in the future, there's no denying they're an unabashedly intriguing act in the present. If not for the inevitable fascination of the male-female dynamic, if not for the eclectic mix of style and genre, then most definitely for their penchant to borrow and lend between art forms..."
-Himanshu Bhandari, Asian Age Review


Set List

The band's music is a mix of genres, jazz/blues/spoken word. The best way to describe the band's music would be 'Electro-Bhajan'. About an hour long set of music, each song averaging five minutes.

A typical set list:

1. Bring Me Rain
2. This Be The Beat
3. City of Sisters
4. Revolution
5. Rumors of Light
6. Single & Preying
7. Double Tribal
8. Her Hymn
9. Punk Bhajan
10. St. Louis Woman
11. I'm the One