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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Srlsm = Wow!!!"

"I’ve spent the majority of the past 10 years running in and out of club to club all weekend long jamming to new bands, seeing and meeting new people. There were very few bands that got my attention from the get go. Surrealism is one of the select few. In this business I’ve received a slue of crap to listen to from bands all over the world. Some good, the majority sub par. This is not the case with SRLSM’s latest EP/DVD release…This CD/DVD is phenomenal! As I’m listening to this CD I’m hearing a little influence of some early Pantera, thanks to Noah’s hellish drum beats, to a balls-out cloning of Shadows Fall thanks to the nice crunchy guitar riffs. Sprinkle a little melodics, a la Nothingface style, accompanied by the gratuitous growl a la an early Cradle of Filth and you have the vocals. Take note people. These guys can fuckin’ shred. My favorites, without a doubt, were C.I.A. for its rocking-ness and Dilemma solely because it made me feel as if I was playing Guitar Hero. All in all the CD portion of this set is worthy enough for me to pop in my car with the other road CD’s I have. As for the DVD part of this package I enjoyed how they fused live shows with recording studio antics. It was cool learning a little bit about the band. Recorded and engineered, by whom I consider the best music producer in Texas, Alex Gerst. Gerst is no stranger to kicking out some sweet ass sounding albums as way back as The Destro years. He’s even gotten better. All in all, the entire SRLSM package is sweet as hell and you should get it when available. These guys will be signed within the next few years so hop on now rockers."
- Necroscopic Unlimited

"Live and Loud!!!"

"This particular evening also featured Surrealism (or SRLSM as their logo reads),
a band that definitely knows something about presentation. The professional quality put into the recently released self-titled EP/DVD effort says a lot about the group’s intentions. The same attitude is equally evident when SRLSM performs. The use of atmospheric visuals and unique lighting techniques perfectly complement the varying moods of their fluid sound. They’ve got some especially striking songs too, such as “Dilemma,” its melodic refrains blending with an ominous, seething edge any fan of Lamb Of God will appreciate. Ultimately, SRLSM proves that invigorating energy still does flow through the local Metal scene. The force will be strong on Friday May 16 when they play alongside the likes of Jacknife, Dryline, Subversion, Fighting Chance and more." - Jerry Rutherford - Harder Beat Magazine


2006 - "TreeMan" E.P. - Self-Recorded

2008 - "ToeTag" L.P. - Indian Trail Studios

2009 - "Embrace My Wicked Grin" Demo - Indian Trail Studios



Surrealism (Srlsm) is a progressive metal band based in Hollywood, California. The group has dubbed their own style - "Trip Metal". The band is known for its eccentric stage shows and distinct composing style. The band is influenced by the visual and political aspects of Surrealism. The musical and lyrical content is also influenced by quantum mechanics, religion, spacetime, extraterrestrial life, conspiracy theories, occultism, life and death, and hallucinogenic drugs. The band has shared the stage with Carcass, Suicide Silence, Samael, Psycroptic, Brujeria, Mushroomhead, Possessed, Divine Heresy, Sadistic Intent, Asesino, and many others.

The concept for the band, Surrealism, was originated by Brian Cravey and Travis Hampe in 2005. Combining Travis' surreal artistic vision with Brian's distinct composing style on the guitar, Srlsm was born. The sound and style truly began to take form, however, with the addition of the rhythm section; Derek "Spoon" Ball on bass guitar and Noah "Shark" Robertson on drums. The four band members would meet while studying music at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. Shortly after a few collaborations however, they simultaneously dropped out of college to persue their new musical project.

After a long, rough period of searching for a singer who fit the attitude and ability of Surrealism, the band stumbled upon 1000 Car Crashes Waiting to Happen, an original musical project out of Cleburne, Texas. The duo consisted of guitar player Jeff "Jazzy" Patterson and vocalist Bryan Sullivan. The two newly discovered musicians joined Srlsm in late 2005. In 2006 the band released their self-recorded "Treeman" demo. Soon after the release of this initial recording, the band relocated to Dallas, Texas in search of more opportunities. The band paid their dues and harnessed their sound by performing all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, which resulted in a strong local following and a demand for more.

In 2008, Srlsm released their debut, self-titled E.P. "Srlsm" (otherwise known as the "Toetag" E.P.), recorded at Indian Trail Studios with producer Alex Gerst. The release included a DVD made in collaboration with Abstract Films' director Jason Vandygriff. The EP/DVD combo recieved stellar reviews from fans and critics alike. In late 2008 Jeff Patterson left the band and was replaced by experienced shredder, Sam Paquette. Soon after, Travis Hampe would cease to continue contributing to the project. The band would eventually go on to earn local headlining status, opening slots on national tours, and some festival appearances; such as Texas Metal Fest 2009, Houston Metal Fest 2009, and Austin Metal Fest 2009. Long time Srlsm vocalist, Bryan Sullivan, would eventually part ways with the band mid-2009. In June of 2009 Jakobi Snake, most regarded for his work with The Uncontrollable Urge, joined as vocalist and the band's sound has come full circle. Once singularity has been reached the gravitational pull will be impossible to escape and all matter will ultimately be sucked in by awesomeness...

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