S. R. Roy

S. R. Roy


My music is melodic and varied in style and heavily influenced by songwriting of the 1920s to the 1950s.

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Alone at Christmas

Written By: Suzanne Roy

I felt so lonely last night as I put up the Christmas lights. Your smile I longed for, your arms I prayed would hold me tight. I felt alone as can be as I placed gifts beneath the tree, wond'ring if ever you'd come back to me. Then I remembered what Christmas means to me: That love and caring will live eternally. And I remembered your words that fateful day: "Our love," you whispered, "will never go away." I still feel lonely tonight, but sitting 'neath the Christmas lights, I know our love will survive these lonely winter nighs. I'm still alone as can be, but now I feel you close to me, and I'll keep the faith till you come back to me. Yes, I'll keep the faith till you come back to me.