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We are a Stevie Ray Vaughn Tribute Band.


Unlike most tribute bands SRV Experience is authentic to Stevie Ray Vaughn in every detail. Right down to the strings on the guitars the clothing and if you close your eyes you will swear Stevie is right in the room playing. The vocals are equally as haunting as every note poured out by twenty six year old guitarist Blake Campbell. The music is to be experienced and remembered and will burn through your soul like a Texas Flood.


Texas Flood will be available for download along with other tracks Feb.1, 2010

Set List

Love Struck Baby
So Excited
Texas Flood
Tell Me
Scuttle Buttin
Say What
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Hug You Squeeze You
Cold Shot
Hide Away
Rude Mood
Guitar Hurricane
Willie the Wimp
The Sky is Crying
Pride and Joy
Voodoo Chile
I'm leaving you baby
Colin's shuffle