satyr wand'ring, dark and deep

satyr wand'ring, dark and deep


a spiritual brooding voice raining over rhythms and melodies, gentle, haunting and mystic, and whose deep and wild energies are brought alive when the wind is wicked and high


i am a writer, a singer and a player. i have been crafting songs and verse since they first sang for me long ago . . and long years indeed has it been, quiet beneath midwater, cruising the currents and creeping close with my mind's eye to the dreamy deep . . visions abound, i nurtured the beautiful harmony to which i was beckoned so sweetly from the abyss . . as years passed physically, this strange and twisting path led me to the world of pro audio craft . . love upon love, i had found a window to the surface for my voice to travel through . . and as my songs touched the wind, their distant calls brought to me three men of music who desired to aid me in bringing my vision to the explosive present for people to see and hear . . for now, they are incubating, synchronising with the recording . . with good fortune, they will synchronise with me as the coming months ensue


satyr wand'ring, dark and deep; 2005 self recorded LP

Set List

short sets at first . . feel the stage . . work covers and improvisations and duets into the show . . target comfortable set time, come the new year : 1 hour, including any or all of the songs from the LP: toys, the missionaries, messiah, the old boy, thief, summertime love, three slow ones, tides, 81703, ran, web; covers will include any or all of but will not not be limited to: parasite (nick drake), free ride (nick drake), midnight ravers (bob marley), going to california (led zeppelin), a day in the life (the beatles), daysleeper (rem), little wing (jimi hendrix) . . .

. . . in the meantime, i make acoustic appearances for up to 30 minutes of this material