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The best kept secret in music



SIDE SEAT DRIVER, coming form Atlanta, Georgia, was a name I have never heard before. After listening to their album a few times, I can say that it was a shame I haven´t listened to their music earlier. "Flow", without being something that will blow your mind outright, is a highly enjoyable stoner/ heavy rock album. Like most stoner bands they structure their music mainly around SABBATH-influenced guitar riffs, but these guys have added quite a few other pleasant surprises in there that will make the listening even more interesting. Some CLUTCH influences (go listen to "Blast Tyrant". Now!), a little of funk, a hint of prog (don´t be too surprised), some southern feeling, a lot of 70s (of course) and some not-so-stoner melodies are the spices SIDE SEAT DRIVER use in their food. "The One", "Freedom", "Falling Faster", "It Ain´t Love" etc are all songs you can seriously enjoy if you´re in the mood for good, old-fashioned rock.

Kostas Diamantis - Kostas Diamantis

"Indie Pages"

Side Seat Driver blew my mind Saturday at Great Stoner Fest. This power trio offered up something I haven't seen in quite a while. not only was the energy twice that of the other acts but the light show was incredable.
I don't understand how a medium level band has such acess to concert level gear but it was awesome. The set of originals went over like cover tunes to a loyal fanbase chanting their infamous "Amsterdam Song". If you like rock you'll love Side Seat Driver.

Roy P. Whitaker - Indie Pages - Indie Pages

"New School Southern Rock"

Side Seat Driver offers a sound that might just bring people back to rock music. Their new release "Flow" is retro-hip and couragious with references to the best of the 70's arena acts, while keeping a new and street smart vibe .
Atlanta's Side Seat Driver could be the leaders of a soon to be big bang of New School Southern Rock." - Kerrang Magazine

"Melodic Revelution Online"

"Side Seat Driver is the best sounding and most Rockinest thing I've ever put in my stereo!" - Nick @ Melodic Revelution


Please check out our myspace site for new press and fan news. - SSD


2004 - "DRIVE ON" E.P. ( Self Released )
2005 - "FLOW" Full Length ( SUPER ROCK RECORDS )
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Super Rock Records is proud to announce the Release of Side Seat Driver's highly anticipated new album FLOW.

Atlanta's princes of southern rock rise with The New Sound of the South.

Some have said, The feel and passion just seem like they are from a different time.
Side Seat Driver embodies all that is good with Rock -n Roll- with shades of Rush meets Clutch meets Zeppelin meets Sabbath meets ZZ Top and so on...

When you hear the Power Trio Side Seat Driver's distinct signature sound you know it's them within seconds.

Side Seat Driver is at the forefront of the international underground movement in the Southern Stoner Rock/Metal scene, with their powerful stage performances and crowd entertaining personal & inclusive interactions.

Between Baby T's passionate vocals & to the point lyrics, Grant's grooving precision and the Fran Mann searing and scorching the earth with his shredding abilities makes for some entertaining and good time for all.

Side Seat Driver's first single Falling Faster has already hit the #1 spot on 104.1 The Gulf in Tallahassee, Played on 103.7 The Fox in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Played on 105.3 The Buzz in Atlanta, Played on 105.5 Carolina's Pure Rock and on the regular play lists of well respected internet radio stations Cygnus Radio, Scrub Radio & Bad Dawg Radio.

Side Seat Driver has received great reviews from Indie Pages & Metal Eagle Magazine in Europe as well as a write up in the Bands Worth Hearing Section in The World Famous Prick Magazine in the US.

All coming to the conclusion that Side Seat Driver is a great time and is a phenomenon growing by leaps and bound plus will have continued success worldwide!