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SS Pecker is 8 virtuosic classical and jazz musicians who came to love hip-hop. It's somewhere between J-Dilla and Frank Zappa. It's Blues, Dub, Drum and Bass, Rock and Gansta Rap. It's thinking man's party music. Live performances are virtuosic, fat, intricate, rowdy and passionate.


The evolution from stoner jazz quartet to 8 piece hip hop collective doesn’t happen quickly. Seven years ago SS Pecker were four formally trained jazz musicians playing original jams and notching up hundreds of gigs unnoticed in the corner of suburban watering holes. The tunes evolved over a couple of years through swing, funk and dub but didn’t settle on a direction until an MC and turntablist arrived for a jam one night, that's when SS Pecker became a hip hop band. It took 3 more years to add a percussionist, vocalist, horn section and synths and arrive at the bands current incarnation.

This is not another funk/roots/dub band with rhyming quasi-political lyrics and ‘made for summer festival’ call and response sections, this is thinking man’s party music. The rhymes are cerebral with a rare flow and the horn lines Zappaesque. Expect a live show of unfailing precision but watch the relish with which they lay to waste the filthiest of Hip Hop grooves. The result is musically somewhere between J-Dilla, Dre, and Mr. Bungle and has left audiences bemused, delighted and very, very sweaty.

SS Pecker has always embraced the unexpected. The bands 2007 live note-for-note hip hop tribute to Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust album was the surprise critical success of Melbourne’s Fringe Festival. Last year theyl took to INXS’ Kick and received similar adulation. They’ve toured across the country, supported Punk, Reggae, Ska and Hip Hop bands from around the globe and are about to release their second self titled EP.


Livin it EP 2006
Studio 5 Live at PBS 2007
Lest You Have To Censor 2009

Set List

This is a Typical SS Pecker Set List... SS Pecker Typically include improvised or non improvised segues between tracks.

Turn Out The Lights
Urban Warfare (What for)
Broken Shoe
Livin It
All For Fame
Wake Up
Theme from The Exorcist

For the last 2 years SS Pecker has performed covers of classic albums for The Melbourne Fringe Festival. In 2007 they played Midnight Oils - Diesel and Dust, reworked, reqriiten, arranged sampled, mashed and spat out to widespread critical acclaim. It was one of the surprise hits of the festival. In 2008 the band played INXS's Kick to equally rapturous applause.