San Antonio, Texas, USA

The words are very catchy and every song has an entity of it's own. Each song has a story to tell and the music fits the story. Sometimes it is fast, with strong rhythm. sometimes slow and sad if the story is sad. They are stories that represent my view of life, which some may say is tainted!


My name is Jody, which make S-Stray-A. I have Mark to accompany me. I have always written poems and stories. I learned to play music to accompany my stories. I played the bass in a punk band. I played guitar in a alternative rock band and I played drums and violin in a indescribable theatrical band. I don't like to be labeled because sometimes things change. It is hard to give our music a certain label. What I can say is that the words will be heard and they tell a story. The music enhances the words. Sometimes if the story is happy there will be major chords and upbeat rhythms. If it is sad the music accents the story, by using minor chords and dissonance. I was raised in Southern California. I thought the way to get a song on the radio was to call and sing it. When I did that, they did listen, but just sent stuff in the mail. I was little and naive. I have learned a thing or two since then. If you want to hear my interpretation of life, listen to my songs. Mark puts his flare and accentuates the meaning!! We are metamorphasizing all the time!!


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Set List

We can perform two sets of originals and three if I include covers. Covers include:
The origin of love
Ring of fire
In the Middle
Hate Me
Mr. Bojangles
Ball and Chain
Me an Bobby Mcgee
What's up