SSX the Band

SSX the Band


SSX was born out of a passion for music and the closeness of family. We an American pop metal group that knows how to ROCK, entertain, touch hearts, motivate, and stimulate.

Our music and lyrics carry our message - believe in yourself, manifest your dreams, live life to its fullest.


As the lights go up, thundering rhythms and infectious guitar riffs build…leading in the seductive vocals of SonnyBoy, whose wide-range voice has been compared to Joe Cocker’s. Bec is a cabaret/pinup vision that moves the crowd to the riveting bass lines that have earned her “bassist of the year.” The gorgeous Shay-B, scintillating on keys, amps the crowd and they match her excitement. Dai comes in and shreds the guitar as the beats keep rockin’and heads keep bangin’. Every SSX show is just that – a show. From beginning to end, high energy, plus customized theatrics, props, and effects makes each performance a unique, entertaining experience for fans. To experience a live SSX show is to be immersed in a sensory collage of visual and auditory stimulation. Their pop-metal sound is abound with throwbacks to reggae, rap, and whatever sounds express the song’s emotion.
From a young age of 8, SonnyBoy and his sisters vowed to start a band that make their performance as entertaining to watch as it is to listen to their music. The Los Angles-born SSX family has an unbreakable bond that is evident in their music and performance. They are a tight unit that creates together, inspires each other, and supports one another.
Their passion and their emotional outpouring from 9-11 led them to write “Flight 93”, a song that is played in the vehicles and planes of the armed forces, and has earned SSX the approval to play for the USO and the military. SSX has always been a strong contributor to the Los Angeles community, performing at multiple events and benefits, and having received numerous awards of recognition and thanks from the city, county, and congress.
There’s a message in every part of the music – a message of strength, pride, and perseverance. SSX aims to inspire and thrill their audience to the end.
SSX has Influences from: AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, Run-D.M.C, Aerosmith


Would You Care

Written By: SSX The Band

Well I woke up this morning about a quarter to three
While she was sitting there staring at me
With a devilish look upon her eyes and she was into me
Well I wouldn’t take it, I would not give
While she lookin’ at me cause she wanted some more
And all I knew what I had to do was get the F@#$ outta there

So would you care if I told everyone about you
Would you care if I told
So would you care if I told

Well she’s trying real hard to make me believe
That all I had to do was wait and see
But her evil ways were hard to deceive while she
Was staring at me, so she built it up and clawed and got F@#$%
And she couldn’t believe that her lies have caught up
And this stupid girl just could not see that it’s all up to me

Would you care

So would you care if I told all your dreams and your fantasies
Ya would you care if I told
Well she’s playin’ it innocent, she’s playin’ it sweet
Well this little girl well she’s really weak
When it comes to guys she gives it up
With just one wink of the eye
Well I’m not gonna take it, I’m a let it all out cause I’m sick and tired
About to scream and shout, all I know gotta get outta here with one last dip in her

Would you care
So would you care if I told all your dreams and all your
Fantasies yeah would you care if I told

Give It Up

Written By: SSX The Band

Excuse me while I enter your mind just for a second
When I stepped inside your room
I didnt mean to be so rude
Or even so cruel
I really didn’t wanna wear your shoes
Or even do what you’re doin’
But maybe I do

Give it up
You know you want me, you know you want to
Give it up, you know you love it, you know you love me
Give it up, you know you need me, you know you need to
Give it up........ that’s what I need

F@#$% that and I’m comin’ back like I was smokin’ crack
Whatever that means, or is that just what they say
I can see inside your lies, I never wanted to live your life
The media makes it so easy

Give it up......that’s what I need

That’s what I need
That’s what I need
That’s what I need
That’s what I that’s
That’s what I need


Written By: SSX The Band

Get your hands up
Let me see your hands up if ya like cash
Get your hands up if ya like money
Get your hands up if ya like dough

Get them up
Get them up
Let’s run it

SSX is here so you know to stand clear
Cuz when I drop flows you all need to fear
I’m like a renegade
With fifteen hand grenades strapped to my chest with all pins pulled
I’m talkin’ sick flows you know how it goes when I drop beats you know about to blow

Talkin’ cash
Talkin’ dollars
Talkin’ stacks that will bring me power
Cash dollars stacks power

The wind is changing keep blowin’ my way
I’m here to get paid
All you other sucker punks just blaze to get laid
I’m talkin’ razor blades this is my payday
Whatever it takes to make it to the top I’m not gonna stop
I’ll keep growin’ my crop
Scrap the cash in, I’ll tell you again SSX and you know we fit it in


You hear that silence
You hear your heart beat
That’s me back on the street
You can’t defeat me
I’m a hurricane comin’ with a blast of rage engaged
In a twelve gauge a full on rampage
Well f@#$% that, bring it back SSX where the f@#$%
You at where the f@#$% you at


Well this was an SSX production
We bring it to you straight
We bring it to you RAW
If you ain’t livin’ life large
Then you are not livin’ life at all

Can You Believe

Written By: SSX The Band

I want you to know
what I’ve done

I think there’s a couple things that I think you
Outta know, you might wanna take this fast
You might wanna take this slow
I know you’re a good girl but I’m a bad bad boy
I need a higher place, I need a higher ground

Can you believe
That I’m full of sin, full of pride
Can you believe
That I’m full of hate, full within
Can you believe
That my bloody hands are full of blood
Can you believe
What I’ve done

I know you thought that you meant
Everything to me girl
Well baby you didn’t know that I
Was a cold hearted cold blooded killer girl
I know you’re a good girl but I’m a bad bad boy
I need a higher place, I need a higher ground so

Can you believe

I brought you in, I’ll take you out
I brought you in but I’ll take you out
I’ll make you scream, I’ll make you shout
I’ll make you believe!!!!

Can you believe what I’ve done
What I said what I am


"Give It Up" *New Song and Music Video*

Album - "Rock White and Blue"
Songs includ:
-"SSX In The Mix"
-"Flight 93"
-"Alcohol Disease"
-"Dark & Scary"
-"Drunk Driver"
-"Shut Up or Bleed"
-"Like a Rose"
-"Would You Care"
-"A Prayer Under Every Breath"
"Breaking Fear"