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The best kept secret in music


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Titles marked with an asterick are available for purchase on our For Sale Page.

1987 - billygoat nothinghead cassette EP (blue circle)

1988 - Remember King Trash and Egg People, on the compilation cassette:

The Polyp Explodes (Deadline)
1988 - Sucking on the Family Tit, on the compilation cassette: Coalescence

( Mojo Music)

1988 - Umma Godda Davida , on the compilation cassette: Pleasureland

(Flying Squirrel)

1988 - feature silica vicarious cassette/ LP (blue circle)

1989 - dimensions give quiet (imaginary soundtracks) cassette /LP (blue circle)
1989 - *from space w/love cassette /LP (blue circle)
1989 - Merlin Olsen's Crippled Mystical Benefactor, on the compilation

cassette: Pleasureland Revisited (Flying Squirrel)

1989 - Snootle Y Choobs, on the compilation cassette: Gajoob #7 Sampler #6

( Gajoob)
1990 - Retz (the capital of Venus), on the compilation LP: From twisted minds

come... (Noiseville)
1991 - Look at yr chair b/w Pumpkinface 7" single (Over and Out)
1992 - *The Invisible College CD (Over and Out)
1993 - Taboo Down Under b/w Hoodoo Woman 7" single (Noiseville)
1994 - New Arrival, on the compilation double CD: America the Beautiful (RRR)
1994 - No Magic Bullets; My Penis (LA Riots), on the double cassette

compilation: 1-800-AMERICA (RRR)

1994 - * The Gypsy's Curse b/w Crab Nebula 7" single
1994 - * John Deere Isolation Tank 101 min. cassette (blue circle)
1995 - * Glare double LP ( Helter Skelter/Prospective/Electric Jug)
1995 - The Watcher, on the compilation CD/double LP: Assassins of Silence -

Hundred Watt Violence (Ceres)
1995 - * Speed of life, on the compilation CD: Only Bowie (Only Boy)
1996 - Thank God It's Not Christmas, on the compilation cassette: Turn Me On,

Dead Man (Egg & Anvil)
1997 - *derobe, split LP with Vocokesh -$8 (RRR)
1998 - * Spaceage CD and LP (Black Widow)
1998 - Hallohero (live), on the compilation CD: Weedstock Vol. 1 (FishEye)

1999 - *The Secret Society LP (Lost)

1999 - Remains Kickbit, on the compilation CD: Noise Kills Punk Dead


1999 - Oh My, Goddammn (live), on compilation CD-R: Hawk US Time &

Space Strange Days '98

2000 - *I love to talk...if there's anything to talk about... CD (Emperor Jones)

2000 - Translunar Injection; New Arrival, live tracks on the compilation CD: Strange

Daze '97(Pangea)
2000 - Nicht Jetzt, on the compilation CD: Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 2 (KFJC)

2000 - Hey (Eternity Started Awhile Ago); Sweet Thought, on Pip Proud's CD: Oncer

( Emperor Jones)

2000 - Concrete Island, on the compilation CD: Children of Black Widow (Black Widow)

2001 - *Frantic Search for Zero CD-R (blue circle)

2001 - Good Time, on Pip Proud's CD "A Yellow Flower" (Emperor Jones)

2002 - *Nunavut double CD-R (blue circle)

2002 - *ST 37 appear on five tracks on Spirits Burning's CD: Reflections In a Radio

Shower (Gazul/Musea)

2002 - Discorporate, live radio broadcast track on the WFMU compilation CD: Don't Shoot the

Toy Piano Player (WFMU)

2002 - *No Tourniquet For Love, on the Lisa Suckdog tribute compilation: Beasts of the Night

Gather Together (Nutmusic)

2002 - A Huge, Rare Cheese, on the 2002 Touch and Go/Quarterstick sampler (Touch and


2002 - *Down On Us CD (Emperor Jones)

2002 - Cloud/cattle, on the compilation CD: POT 32 for issue #32 of Ptolemaic Terrascope


2002 - *Darkness In Tabriz, (featuring Coz the Shroom) on the compilation CD: What!?! Are

You On Drugs!?! (Ant Lunch Musick)

2003 - The Pursuit of Maria, on the science fiction movie music compilation: Not of This Earth

(Black Widow) 3xCD/4xLP box

2003 - No Man's Land track on the Syd Barrett tribute compilation: Let's Try It Another Way

from the Laughing Madcaps/TexasPsych group

2003 - *from space w/ love CD-R -newly remixed and remastered at Sweatbox Studios by SL

Telles and Bryan Nelson (reissue w/ bonus track of the 1989 cassette LP)

2003 - Birds'd Crash, on the Fleece Sampler 2003 promo compilation CD-R (from the

forthcoming split LP)

2003 - You'll Die In a Car Crash, on the compilation CD: Free & Freaky from Zoopa Loopa


2003 - Orgone Accumulator, on the Hawkwind tribute 2xCD: Daze of the Underground


2003 - 10 seconds of Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man, on 10" EP: The Vegetable Man 10" Project

(Oggetti Volanti)

2004 - *The Insect Hospital CD/double LP (Black Widow)

2004 - Vegetable Man on the CD: The Vegetable Man Project, Vol. 2

(Oggetti Volanti)

2004 - * ST37 Live 2003 CD-R (blue circle)

2004 - *Destiny 2xCDR limited edition (blue circle)

2005 - *They time (edit) o


Feeling a bit camera shy


ST 37 was formed in January 1987 as a merger of sorts between Austin cult bands Tulum and the Elegant Doormats. Bassist S.L. Telles has been active in the Texas music underground since singing with Houston teen punkers Vast Majority in '79-'80, releasing a single on Wild Dog records that has since been reissued several times, including outtakes. Telles formed the Elegant Doormats in spring 1982 with original ST 37 drummer John Foxworth (who later joined Tulum). The group endured for five years, playing with bands like the Butthole Surfers and the Reivers, and recording with legendary God of Hellfire Arthur Brown.

Guitarist Joel Crutcher and vocalist Carlton Crutcher founded Tulum in 1985, and recorded for Rabid Cat records before that label disintegrated. Jello Biafra wrote, "The bizarre side of Austin is still alive - first the Buttholes, then Scratch Acid, and now Tulum."

After recruiting Jon Torn (son of Rip; from the band Thanatopsis Throne) on keyboards, ST 37 began playing out in April of 1987 at the Cave Club with the Def MFs (still called Def MCs at that point). The stage was set right away when Telles informed the crowd that if they didn't like it they could leave.

The band released the cassette EP "billygoat nothinghead" late in the year, and thus began a string of cassette only releases.

ST 37 made their vinyl debut in 1990 on the Noiseville Records sampler, "From Twisted Minds Come...," and the 7" single, "Look at yr Chair," followed soon afterward. Lance Farley replaced Foxworth on the drum throne at this point and Shane Shelton took over from Torn on the keyboard duties.

Live shows continued unabated, with ST 37 organizing the Noisefests at Waterloo Park featuring bands like Ed Hall, Seemen, Crust, Liquid Mice, Pocket FishRmen, Coz the Shroom, Squat Thrust, etc.

Following the cassette LPs "feature silica vicarious" and "from space w/love" ST 37 finally entered the digital age with Over and Out records of Austin releasing the "Invisible College" CD.

The release of a second single, "Taboo/Hoodoo," saw the addition of Craig Johnson from Puffy Brutha Man on rhythm guitar. This expanded six piece lineup traveled to Phoenix for the Arizona Music Conference, but disintegrated soon after that, with Farley leaving first to be replaced by Cisco Ryder G. and Shelton and Johnson bailing shortly thereafter. Carlton Crutcher expanded his musical role in the band to include sequencer (Roland SH 101) and Telles began utilizing occasional keyboards and drones to fill the gap.

ST 37's first tour followed, with the newly trim 4-piece lineup playing two weeks of shows on the west coast in January 1993. A third single, "The Gypsy's Curse" was released on Prospective in 1994, spawning a two week Midwestern jaunt that summer. The band met with Paul Stark of Twin Tone records in Minneapolis, papers were signed, an advance was paid, but alas.. it was not to be. Perhaps ST 37's next project, the sprawling double LP, "Glare," was a bit much for Twin Tone. John Kass of Prospective was soon able to find a home for it with Helter Skelter records of Rome.

After "Glare," ST 37 toured the Midwest again, this time with Prospective lablemates the Green Machine. Further recording projects followed, including appearances on Bowie and Hawkwind tribute records. Finally, after completing the sessions the resulted in the "derobe" split LP with Vocokesh on RRR, Cisco quit the band, but was kind enough to find his own replacement, Dave Cameron of Roky Erickson and Evilhook Wildlife E.T., Glass Eye, Brave Combo, 3-Day Stubble, etc., etc. fame.
1997 saw the addition of Mark Stone on rhythm guitar, allowing Joel to further explore the stratosphere on lead. Another Midwest jaunt was undertaken which saw the band playing their largest and most successful show yet at Weedstock outside of Madison WI. A compilation CD of the event was released featuring a smokin' live version of the band's Neu! cover medley, "Hallohero."

Contacts formed from roadwork enabled the band to fulfill a long-term ambition to play with Hawkwind . This happened on Labor Day weekend at the Strange Daze festival in Sherman, NY. Other space rock luminaries such as Nik Turner's Space Ritual, F/i Farflung, Alien Planetscapes, etc. were also on the bill. A CD compilation of this show has been released on Pangea records.

January 1998: After the release of "Spaceage" on yet another Italian label (Black Widow of Genoa), ST 37 saw their most significant local recognition yet with a major feature in the Austin Chronicle and a string of prime Saturday night shows with the likes of 7% Solution, Ursa Major and 60's psych legends Silver Apples. An original score for the 1926 Fritz Lang classic "Metropolis" was written that summer and has been played three times since then at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to ecstatic, ticket-scalping crowds and adoring press. Large portions of the score will emerge on