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"CD Review"

FROM Scene Magazine(by D.X.Ferris)

Lots of quality art has an element of sexual frustration. And it doesn't take Sigmund Freud to see that Stab-O-Matic has issues. The former members of Skin Sensation and Moby Dickhead start their self-titled debut with something of a garage-pop murder ballad and close it with a tale of keeping oneself busy with Vaseline and imaginary nooky. S.O.M. pushes the humor pretty hard -- but succeeds most when they let it go.
The Cleveland trio is so retro, it makes the White Stripes look like a techno band. The disc sounds like it was recorded on a boombox in a kitchen, but therein lies half its charm. Singer-guitarist Emerick Gordon and bassist Don Lube play as if they have sandpaper on their fingers and cracks in their amps. The distorted four- and six-string work hums, as the two dance around each other's lines. In "She's One of Those," Gordon sends a cascading lick over drummer Jeni Delfs's swing beat, Lube shadowing his every move. Half a jangle moves "Susie" along, and the dance workout "Clockwork" shakes from pogo to go-go. Sophisticated it isn't. But it's groovier than hell. - Scene Magazine

"Online Review"

Next up was 2nd Half and Stab-O-Matic playing simultaneously on the main and back stages. 2nd Half had a solid sound with more crunch than the previous two main stage bands setting more of the tone for the rest of the evening. Solid drums, good grooves, nice hooks. I wish I had more to say about these guys, because they sounded great but I got myself involved in the quirky, college-radio alternative stylings of Stab-O-Matic on the back stage. They reminded me of a band from LA called 'Idiot Prayer' although not as dark. Solid sound with some great running bass lines accenting the solid drums and punctuating guitar riffage. This was a fun, fun set that I just could not walk away from.
- grandpa


Self titled debut cd recorded in 2003
Too Much & Suzie have been on internet radio.



Emerick The primary (bad) influence behind Stab-o-Matic, has been a part of the Cleveland music scene as long as anyone can remember. Em has been writing and performing his own music since his troubled teen years, and the angst is still raging. If you lived through the turbulent punk years of the 80's, you may remember Em from such bands as Skin Sensation, the Drooling Joolies, and Moby Dickhead.

Don Don was found by the side of the road, and soft-hearted Emerick decided to keep him. Naw...actually Don's been in the Cleveland music scene about as long as Emerick....and is just as agitated.

Jen Although she professes to be only 18, Jeni has been playing the drums for some 20 years. OK, her 1st gig was a Jr. High talent show, but lemme tell ya, they rocked "Stairway to Heaven".:) She later gained fame (?) playing the midwest circuit with the Des Moines based Johnny Toast. Upon arriving in Cleveland she was kidnapped and held hostage by a fringe group known only as S.O.M. Well, just like Patty Hearst before her, she quickly became brainwashed and was assimilated into the organization. She's had the same glassy-eyed look ever since, and a disturbing tendency hit her cymbals with her head.