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Stab The Matador

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"To me they rock a lot harder than indie rock... some parts make you want to stage dive/mosh or even dance with the girl or boy next to you. I'm feeling these guys... there isn't a label for this type of awesome yet."

Low Rider - 4.7 out 5 Gold City - 4.5 out 5


"Holy Pixie Stix and Coke!"

"The Rapture's spunky little heirs to the NYC dance-punk throne" -

"We Want Blood! Stab The Matador!"

Ernest Hemingway may have aspired in his mind to be a matador, but we never really quite saw the attraction. Anytime we have ever seen footage of a bullfight, underneath the mystique there was a quiet yearning to see the bull stab the matador right through the chest. More often than not, especially in the case of seasoned bullfighters that earn the title matador, our wishes never quite come to fruition. Our quiet thirst for blood and the hopes for the underbull to win are never quenched, but the feeling of satisfaction is yielded quite magnificently when we strap on our ear buds and listen to the infectious undercurrent of New York’s Stab The Matador. The sound encompassed in the pulsating stampede of Stab The Matador is not revolutionary, not quite the musical equivalent of Che Guevara, but there is an earnestness and explosive nature to the band that requires repeat listens. From the spastic beat of “High Beam Dance Floor,” to the slow drive of “City Lights,” Stab The Matador command a presence of a coliseum of spectators, much like the celebrated matadors of which they painstakingly plot the demise of via a sharp bludgeoning device. The live experience of Stab The Matador is visceral, bursting with energy and an improvised, free-spirited and combustive approach that puts their contemporaries to shame. For being such a young band, still hitting the books in college, Stab The Matador are on the verge of that ever elusive kill of the music industry, sharpening their sword with each passing demo recorded. Someone needs to come along and shake up the status quo of what is hip and hopping in L.A. and NYC with a&r cadavers and tasteless tastemakers, maybe it will be some basement bopping kids like STM. -


Singles: High Beam Dance Floor, Low Rider, Africa, Doctor.
EP: S/T, Doctor EP

Low Rider is featured in PS2 and PSP's MLB '06: The Show, released February 28th, 2006.



STAB THE MATADOR is a four-piece dance rock outfit comprised of long time friends, Corey Cavagnolo (vocals/keys), Luke Brandfon (guitar), James DeVito (bass) and Graham Watson (drums). Raised in Westchester, just north of New York City, these fresh out of high school friends have spent two years incubating an explosive sound that they have now unleashed on the City's music scene. Since their electrifying debut at the Knitting Factory main space in early 2006, they have been touring extensively, creating an eclectic fan base, ranging from hipster veterans to the fresh-faced MTV generation.

The band’s first self-released EP/demo includes the song 'Low Rider,' which was featured on Playstation 2 and PSP’s MLB 2006: The Show soundtrack, alongside other popular acts like The Moving Units, VHS or Beta and The Black Keys. They recently completed recording their new Doctor EP, engineered and produced by Jeff Saltzman, known for his work on The Killers' multi-platinum debut.

STAB THE MATADOR successfully combines the sounds of pioneering acts such as Gang of Four and Joy Division, with a new brand of modern dance hooks that puts them among contemporaries like The Rapture and Les Savy Fav. They intend to impress listeners with their recorded tracks, which have a unique compositional prowess, but more importantly, to strike crowds with the interplay between Cavagnolo and Brandfon’s explosiveness and DeVito and Watson’s infectious rhythms, creating a visceral live experience.