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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Alternative Hip Hop





Many artists go through stages of doubting their greatness and ability to carry forth their art in an impactful way. New York City’s STACE is not that artist. He believes in himself in such a fashion, he’s created a screenplay scored by his own lyrics, his own beats and a borrowed concept. The Talented Mr. Ridgeway is an incredibly polished project of epic musical proportions. At times, STACE has so much to say, he lets the instruments in his beats and the diversity in his voice carry on and on. Not to say it’s not an enjoyable piece, the album contains some of the most melodic beats over descriptive rhymes you’ll hear this year.

The issue becomes how great can one be at such an early stage in his career? It’s a good problem to have, if you’re STACE who has been a musician almost since birth. The album opens with “The Introduction,” an interlude with a woman’s voice in a faux British accent who describes the MC as a creative genius right out of the gate. Again, STACE shines musically when he lets the music speak for him and with “My Name is STACE,” he spares no pomp or circumstance in telling us who he is and why we should listen to him. He drops lines questioning “who got vision like me?” with ease.

It’s convincing, impressive and, at over 14 tracks including skits and interludes, there’s no room not to believe that we’re listening to the second coming of hip-hop since Rakim. “Get High” is the resident smoke song and is one of the best performances on the album. Here, STACE may as well be at a podium as he accepts no words from naysayers and flips metaphors about “throwing salt in the game” like a true wordsmith. The bass line is excellent and surely a feat to spit lyrics about how his semen “gives new faces.”

It’s crass in ways that are surprising but will keep you on your toes as a listener. “Hold Up I’m Ready” shows off the beat diversity as the album ambles on for a few more tracks. Here’s the thing, it’s not that the music is excellent, because there are some really incredible parts to the album (check for “Movie Poster” and “Star” in particular). The Talented Mr. Ridgeway is a bit too long in the tooth, though. By song nine, we’ve gotten the point but, like many good writers know, sometimes it can be too easy to go on being verbose instead of laconic.

The final curtain call could have been more creative in terms of content and for the next go around, STACE should lose the British accent antics but The Talented Mr. Ridgeway is an incredibly solid project. A bit too heavy on the “I’m the best” rhetoric but hey, it’s not bragging if it’s true, right? - 303 Magazine

"STACE Interview"

STACE calls in to play the ‘Choose One’ game, talks about the reality to his music, the upcoming and highly anticipated If Clouds Could Talk album and much more. - Style Freely

"The Break Presents: STACE"

Age: 29
Hometown: Mount Vernon, New York
I grew up listening to: Sam Cooke, Average White Band, Jay-Z, Prince, Pharrell & many others. I’m heavily influenced by the 70’s funk and the 90’s hip-hop. I dig music period so I could call off a few acts people don’t know.
Most people don’t know I: Own a clothing line called Oil Based Fashion that I launched in 2007. I’m also a muralist with Mural Mural on the Wall which is an art company I own.
My standout records and moments to date have been: Performing at Peach Drop in Atlanta and performing at Luminocity Atlanta with Big Boi. My standout record is “It’s Getting Harder To Cheat.”

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To definitely be considered as one of the greats, in front & behind the music. I can create melodies with 4 part harmony by myself or craft a classic for someone else. It doesn’t matter, I just want to be in the music. Also my goal is to not just do hip hop. I believe music is something that should be explored. Maintain the art and add ratchetness if the girls want some.
I’m gonna be the next: “Big thing,” whatever that means. I’ll continue to work hard and deliver the best music possible. I’m aiming for the Freshman cover next year so I have work to do. I’m ready to experience the other plateaus of my career. Other than that, I’ll continue to be me. - XXL



STACE, a New York native and digital nomad, is a multi-talented artist and musician in which creativity, confidence and international aspirations meet.

He’s starting 2019 with the same determination that has always kept him working and creating. Already verified and streaming on Spotify, his 2016 single "Feelings" has organically reached over 500K streams. With a growing following on Apple Music & TIDAL as well, his contribution to HappyTokes 2017’s single, “Friend Like You”, is steadily holding at the number 2 spot. Accompanied by actor/writer TK Kirkland (New Jersey Drive), STACE released his 4th studio album, “Trouble Season” (2017), is touring independently, and launched his official fan club “The Station”.

STACE is outdoing his 2015 & 2014 achievements appearing on the New Jersey TV show “Chattin’ with Mama Jones (Love & Hip Hop) as well as performing at America’s Next Big Hit at HK Lounge in NYC. His first independent tour “The Talented Mr. Ridgeway Tour” took STACE to Denver, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Mexico, North Carolina, New York City opening for Atlantic Record’s artist Dyme-A-Duzin, and finishing up in Paris, France. STACE made appearances on several radio stations and magazines throughout the country as well.

2013 brought features on HOT97 “Who’s Next?” (NYC) & twice in XXL: once as a feature in “The Break” & the other for “Banger of the Week” with his best-known single, ”It’s Getting Harder to Cheat.”

2012 was full of new singles, music videos & producing for others while co-hosting and performing for Macy’s “Find Your Magic” event with Toccara Jones from America’s Next Top Model. STACE entertained a diverse crowd of over 1500 people at Atlanta’s Peach Drop & he performed on 11 Alive News’ Metro Mix Soundcheck in Atlanta.

He’s no stranger to the stage and his performances include landmark venues such as Club Pyramid (NYC), Smith’s Olde Bar (ATL), DROM (NYC), The Loft and Centennial Olympic Park to name a few. He released his debut album “The Race Back To Me” in 2011 which was carried by DTLR, local record stores and sold online. Outside of his own career, he leaves his mark on whatever he touches, and produces for his label Fly Company Music Group, founded in 2007.

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