Stacee Lawson

Stacee Lawson


Modern day Alanis Morrisette with lots of catchy guitar riffs and energy you can feel. Lots of heartfelt energy when performing live, no limits when it comes to pleasing the crowd.


The musical arrangements on the Album Deranged is pure modern rock with the occasional nod to a 1970's hard rock sound. Run picks up on this retro sound as an envelope for Lawson's urgent vocals. This album is highly commercial and should do well as a rock single. Mr. Love has a bluesy feel to it and discusses longing from a distance.

Lawson also delivers a delicious cover of Edie Brickell's What I Am. It's a straightforward interpretation that's faithful to the original but very well done. Other highlights include Come Back Down and Hangin' On.

Stacee Lawson is a pop vixen with a rough edge. Deranged is a worthy debut album that establishes Lawson as a burgeoning artist with room to grow. Deranged is very much worth a listen or two, particularly if you like the mix of edgy and sweet in rock music. I suspect Lawson has a bright future in music, and Deranged is the first step.

What sets Stacee Lawson apart from the rest of the bands is her live performances, and her energy. She also has her own unique sound for sure. Influences, include Pearl Jam, Counting Crows,Fleetwood Mac,Audioslave,REM, Live, Led Zeplin.Pumkins, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, The Police just to name a few.


Deranged Album Released September 30th, 2008 on DA Records and BCD Music Group. You can go to and request airplay song Break or Bend. Being played on Major College Radio and have topped the charts at #1 after 3 weeks.

Set List

Misery Buisness-Paramore
Walk Away
Break or Bend
What I Am- Remake I recorded (Edie Brickell)
Hangin on
Mr. Love
Everybody wants you-Billy Squire
Wicked Games- Giant Drag
Courderoy- Pearl Jam
Doesn't Remind Me- Audioslave
Fleetwood Mac-Dreams
Cindy Lauper- Time after Time
Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
Still Cold-MAzzy Star
Most request, if I know the words.