stacey bowman

stacey bowman


We have created a unique acoustic sound pulling in sounds from the past as well as original material.what we are doing is very different from any one else today.


Stacey Bowman was born and raised in a small town in Southern Indiana where she started singing at the age of four. the vehicle was truley part of that leaning between the car door and the seat of her Dads Ford Mustang.Stacey eventually moved her performance into the home and church where at nine she sang accapella a pop version of "The Lords Prayer" by Sister Janet Mead. Despite the fact that her Mom had to stand beside her and hold her hand the show was quite a hit.

at 10 she found the courage to break away from Moms side and enter a talent contest at sc hool winning first place wuth the cover song "Brand New Key". The flood gates opened when she began singing in the churches and later as an adult joined a Bluegrass Band as the lead singer.She learned and appreciated so much about the roots of Blurgrass that she has enriched her own sound with a Bluegrass/Americana style.Performing at Churches, Bluegrass Festivals, Fairs, Opers Houses, benifit concerts, and any where else her voice would take her.

"My Grandmother Katherine lived up the hill from me as a child and was a great inspiration to my singing.She played the organ and taught me the words to her favorite hymnals."

There truley is no greater feeling that when people in your audience tell you that your song really struck a chord with them. That is really what this is all about for me , strengthening others through the spirit of a song.


I am currently working on a project in Seattle.We hope this will be ready to be released in or by June.