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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | INDIE

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Gospel


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"CD BABY Prayer Time CD Reviews"

Reviewer: Monique Bivins
I've never wept before the presence of God in a way that I did when I initially heard this CD. It's pure worship, direct communication with the Father. I am so glad that I have this CD! With it I have truly been led to a place in God that I had not yet been. Everytime I listen to it brings yet another powerful encounter with God for me!If you are truly seeking to go to a place where nothing else matters but sharing your heart with God and hearing His voice..this CD is a must have!!!! Such a powerful tool!

An invitation to your own one on one with the Father.....
Reviewer: Frances W.
The 9-list cd is awesome! Loving the entire cd...but You is my fav. It tells my story. This cd is filled with songs of worship and admiration to our Father. It's soothing, and has a complete tone of love and compassion to our God. I promise will calm your spirit and send you to a place of uncontainable worship. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

Wonderful, a must have in the collection
Reviewer: Amy
When I am ready for my one on one time with the Father, this CD really puts my mind in the focus, and before I know it the presence of the Lord is ALL AROUND. I can not wait until the next CD comes.

Refreshing, beautiful, anointed music to listen, and pray to
Reviewer: E Johnson
This CD is so revelant, and powerful. For those that hit the floor running, this project will allow you the time to order your day, and be refreshed by the presence of God. Whether you are just beginning to pray, or are a seasoned prayer warrior, this CD will help you tap into His presence, and commune with Him who is able to keep you.

Pure Worship!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Devonne Littles
God is truly calling his people to seek his face like never before and Stacey's album leads the way. The lyrics are truly anointed and reveal what a true worshipper can say to the Father. It took me into another level with God that words can't describe.

If you don't have this in your collection .. you're missing out!
Reviewer: Marolda Cameron
If you want to be ushered into the presence of the Lord, this CD is a must have. The artist sounds as if she is singing from a personal relationship.I strongly recommend PRAYER TIME as a catalyst to your worship.

powerful, dynamic, and necessary!!!
Reviewer: Tambra Lilly
Listening to the cd took me to another level in my walk with God. I was brought to tears as I worshiped my Lord. I thank God for planting the seed in Stacey to do this project. My life will never be the same because of Prayer Time.

The new Stacey Josphe albumis an excellent worship cd!
Reviewer: Andria Livingston
I really enjoy listening to this CD because it really ushers me into the presence of God. The anointing is so apparent in every song and every word is heart felt and they prepare the listener for true prayer and communion with God.

Gloriously Awesome! This CD is really a MUST HAVE.
Reviewer: Stephanie Duran
Stacey Joseph and all that accompanied her on the CD did an outstanding job. I love the soft music, the prayers, the beautiful voices.. I listened 3 times in a row the first time. This is a CD that really ushers in the presence of God. It is very smooth and easy to listen to over and over again!

The Heart of a Child Reaching Out to Their Father
Reviewer: BReyes

I absolutely loved the CD!!! It is very inspirational and inspiring.
Reviewer: Veronica Fontenot
This CD truley lives up to its name. It is a CD that I can use in order to surround myself in the presence of the Lord. I can truly have a worship experience just sitting in my room listening to the CD. Each song on the CD creates an atmosphere for me to become closer to my Heavenly Father. Stacey Joseph really outdid herself with this one! I love, love, love the CD!

It's so peaceful.
Reviewer: Sbrown
I love this CD, it stays in my car player at all times. Its the only time i can tune everything out and have time with the sweet, calm, and loving spirit of God. Its the Ultimate gift for anyone... believer or not. Thank You Stace

Reviewer: Lanre
I really believe that anyone ready to take their relationship with God to another level should purchase this album. The "Prayer Time" album truly creates an atmosphere that compels one to draw nearer to the heart of the Father.

it was completly touched by God himself!!!
Reviewer: Courtney Coleman
I think that Ms. Stacey really has a relationship with God that she could be able to produce something that can help others connect with their Father. I thank God that he allowed her to come on the sense so that his people could experience a wonderful person like her and the music she makes!!!

What a blessing.
Reviewer: Maelynn Pope
I have just been so blessed since I received this CD. I knew it was going to be awsome but oh my!!! To listen to this while driving keeps me calm and it is wonderful during prayer time. I love it!!! Everyone should have one!!! Stacey is amazing and the songs are directly from the heart of God.

An extrordinary experience of the peace of God through worship!
Reviewer: Lady Media Cole
Prayer Time is for me a morning, afternoon, and evening empowerment! It's a worship experience that causes the peace of God to fill the room, the car, my home,.....wherever I choose to listen and receive. After being exposed, I began to share it with everyone I came in contact with. I believe it should be in the collection of every Worshiper of God!!

Reviewer: Sha' Simpson
This cd is so refreshing to my spirit. It is pure communion with the Father and I use it to assist me during my devotional time. I love it!!!

This is an awesome is an incredible addition to my "prayer time"
Reviewer: Angie Perry of Boston. MA
Stacey used her personal experience and intimate connection with God to bring us this awesome collection of songs Worship includes prayer...and "Prayer Time" exemplifies just that..... Awesome!!.

Reviewer: Eric Brice
Stacey is most anointed and when she approaches the throne of God , she always gets His attention . A great CD for setting the tone of your prayer time .Please do no sleep on this project . Good one Stacey !

Prayer Time ushers you right into the throne room of the Most High God!
Reviewer: Janet Meriweather
Prayer Time ushers you right into the throne room of the Most High God! The CD provokes praise, prayer, and worship and facilitates an audience with God. It "jump starts" your prayer time! Whether you are new to the Body of Christ or have been in the army of the Lord for years, this CD will bless your life and you'll find yourself singing the songs, love songs to God the Father, all day long!

Even though this project is called Prayer Time it's good for All Times.
Reviewer: Shaun Doughty
In John 4, God says He seeking for true worshippers and this project has represented for the kingdom of God. There is an unquenchable urge to listen to these messages of encouragement and love without end. Every song takes you on a journey to the most deepest and highest of places in prayer and worship. This has to be what God is desiring when He says draw nigh unto Him and He will draw nigh unto you; for this project causes God to move right into where you are.

Awesome...God inspired!!!
Reviewer: Carmen Rubin
This CD is inspired by God and touches the heart of all who listen to it. Takes you to the secret place when you are praying. Love it!
- J. Stacey Music Group

"New Breed Singer Comes to Forefront"

Stacey Joseph's voice is becoming more familar to fans nationwide.Some of the recognition is due to Israel (Houghton) and New Breed's Alive in South Africa CD. Midway into song number 5. "You've Been A Friend," he calls the Baton Rouge native by name to lead the song--and to nobody's surprise she blows the song off the chart! With her first CD project completed (Prayer Time), a budding ministry, and a personal memior Finding my way, Joseph returns to Baton Rouge and Hammond Nov. 30 and Dec 1 for the 2007 Word and Worship Experience Concert. The concert is free and will be held at Fellowship Tabernacle in Baton Rouge and Higher Heights Fellowship in Hammond.

Like many singers, Joseph's start was at local churches--Greater True Love, Greater King David, and White Stone baptist churches in Scotlandville-- and with Greg Jones and God's Children.Her memior, Finding My Way, shares her lifestory growing up in Baton Rouge being raised by two sisters and the scars of fatherlessness, innocence, and bankruptcy. Moreso, the book intertwines her life with steps, questions, and devotions for the reader to join her in praying through their own situations. The book sets the path for a fullcircle return home, to the Father and to her true calling of ministry over music.

However, Joseph said it is now--and has been--her music that gives vehicle to her ministry. Since age four, she has used her strong alto voice to open hearts to the message of God which has taken her across the ntion and to Africa, Bermuda, and Europe. In middle school she lead youth choirs and praise and worship. In high school, she and friends Jennifer Walker, LaGretta Ellerson, Jenell Dillon formed the female group Chosen and sung locally at as many Christian venues that they could muster between school and church activities.

At 32, her solo performance brings a unique sound to gospel for the thirty-something-too-young-for-traditional-too-old-for-hip-hop-gospel lovers. She is is steadily becoming a stand-out performer in her own right. She has sung for renoun performers Shirley Ceasar, Marth Munnunzzi, Yolanda Adams, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Kelly Price, Rizen, and Sheila E. She also sings on various artists' projects including Mary Alessi, Lakewood Church, Karen Clark-Sheard, Micah Stampley, and Bishop Jakes' "He-Motions".This month's Word and Worship Experience concert series is her brain child, designed to " unite worship and justice in order to impact change in our communities and the world." Although the concert is free, Baton Rouge attendees are asked to bring school supplies to be donated to children tutored at the historic Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, Africa. Hammond attendees are asked to bring baby care items for local crisis pregnancy care centers. She has rallied together a host of ministers, gospel performers, and visionaries for this night of intimate worship, relevant word exhortation, prayer, fellowship and generosity. Special guests ministers Marvin Anderson will join her in Baton Rouge and Jarvis Crockerham in Hammond.

But Joseph's talents do not start and stop with music, she is an astute business woman and president of Kingdom Girls International ( a female mentoring program whose mission is to help young women ages 14-24 build better lives through abstinence training, career planning, outreach initiatives and mentoring.She has founded Stacey Joseph Ministries and J. Stacey Music. Joseph the Songbird is led to churches and prisons to sing and where Joseph the Messenger, can deliver specific insight and teachings from her own Bible studying. Then, there are the weekly telephone prayer meetings. Every Wednesday night at 9:30, prayer seekers and prayer warriors call into a designated line to join her in prayer. With the amazing support of Kingdom Girl mentees Tana Hamler and Monique Bivens, Joseph can smoothly manage the prayer requests of those on the call and those left electronically. Some callers bring requests and "ironically" some are there quietly to stand in the gap and help the prayer through, she said.

The prayer line has received live calls in from as far as London. The prayer time is personal and intimate, Stacey herself prays directly to the request which has included spouses needing recommitment, college students seeking wisdom, mothers with sick children needing healing, church members standing in the gap for capricious pastors, men seeking comfort through AIDS diagnosis, and fearful mothers-to-be. To know Stacey is to know that if she feels lead to add insight to the prayer, she will talk directly to the seeker immediately after the prayer. Then it's on to the next request until she had brought the request to God. One frequent caller from Baton Rouge said the prayer time is a phenomenal experience. Stacey can take modern technology to bring old-fashioned prayer time. The conference call praying began late this fall following the summer release of her first cd, Prayer Time.
"Stacey is a true worshiper. The rare kind. The one the Father seeks. Her songs of praise are for Him and her actions of praise minister to His people. From our days together in Baton Rouge till now, her song of love has not changed. One can always expect worship in spirit and in truth when hearing Stacey for she knows no other way to worship. As she lifts up her heart to Him in worship, He stretches out His hand of compassion through her to heal all who are oppressed. For God is with her," said musician and pianist Kelbert McFarland.

Since Prayer Time, Stacey has received rave reviews and GXL magazine has named her a 2007 Influential Men & Women in Ministry, Business & Entertainment. The CD is sold independantly on her myspace page, through Kingdom Girl venues, and at live performances with Israel and New Breed.

Joseph said she plans to travel the world carrying the anointing that will minister and proclaim the "simple truth that salvation is free to all who call upon the name of the Lord." Joseph wants people to know that Jesus loves them and He is concerned about what concerns them. She said she is now called to pray and sing while this vision comes to pass but "the gift of music ministry is more than runs, chords, bass lines, CDs, tapes, and concerts. It is breaking through the walls of discouragement, confusion, distraction, hurt, weakness, discontentment, and distress, piercing the heart of man with the word of God through song."

She has plans to build the Kingdom Girl House for pregnant teens and develop chapters across the country. The Word and Worship Experience events are rapidly becoming a strong force of Stacey Joseph Minstries ( with major focus on more charities. The J.Stacey Music Group label will release her sophomore praise and worship album in 2009.
- Associated Content

"Youth Oasis joins J. Stacey Music Group for Benefit Concert"

A clarion call for help has sounded throughout the Baton Rouge community on behalf of the Youth Oasis Shelter. Starting with executive director Alvin Smith to Mayor Kip Holden and now with gospel-recording artist Stacey Joseph and J. Stacey Music Group, the call for help continues with a free concert benefiting the shelter.

Slated for Friday, April 11, at the Fellowship Tabernacle, the Word and Worship Experience Concert will feature Joseph in concert along with selections from Sha' Simpson.

The public is invited to bring kitchen and bathroom items for admission into the 7pm concert. The donations will be presented to residents of the Youth Oasis Shelter. Contractors from Laurel Lane Investments will gather at the shelter to paint and decorate the shelter's transitional apartments with the new items. Local churches have also joined by adopting an apartment.

The Word and Worship Experience is a free Christian concert held six times a year in various locations across the world. Each concert's goal is to bring awareness and support to local charities.

"I want to truly be a help to charities that touch the lives and empower women and children. Many people are hurting and this is a way for me to share the gift that God has given me to make a difference," said Joseph. She is a former educator and current member of the Grammy Award winning group Israel and New Breed.

With the WWE Concert as a vehicle, Joseph unites worship and justice to impact change in communities. She has rallied a host of talented friends for a night of intimate worship, relevant Bible exhortation, prayer, fellowship and sharing. Current and future residents of the Youth Oasis Shelter will benefit from donations collected at the concert. Special guests include pastor Carlo Bates of Baton Rouge and recording artist Sha' Simpson of Atlanta.

The concert series has donated items to The Star of Hope Mission in Houston, Ghana Slave Castle Library in Africa and the Care Net Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Covington and Hammond. For more information, contact Carla Borskey at 1-877-767-1547 or - Associated Content-Candace J. Simien


Tear Down The Walls -Single
Available on iTunes.



No stranger to the music industry, this singer, songwriter, clinician, educator, and
businesswoman is full of vision and clear in her purpose.

Constrained by the great gospel of Jesus Christ, Stacey believes that worship is a lifestyle. “I’ve learned that praise and worship are the keys that unlock the doors of peace and joy that lead to abundant living, understanding of purpose, and excellence in every area of our lives. Praise and Worship take the focus off of you and your situation and shift the attention toward God. True worship is not rehearsed or restrained, but is pure, sincere, and birthed out of relationship with the Father.” Stacey has just released her debut album-Prayer Time. "Prayer Time was a long awaited project for me. For quite sometime I'd been wanting to do a devotional CD..something that people could listen to as they started their day, or something that they could meditate with during their morning commute to work. This CD has been growing within me for a long time now. The songs are prayers with simple melodies. The prayers are heartfelt. The instrumentation is tasteful. " This 9-track CD is sure to ignite a fire in the listener to spend quality time in prayer with God.

Staceytraveled for five years with Israel Houghton as a member of the worship group, New Breed. She sang lead on “Friend”on the Live from Another Level album and “You’ve Been A Friend” on the recently released Alive In South Africa album. She has sung on various artists’ projects including: Mary Alessi, Martha Munizzi, Lakewood Church, Karen Clark-Sheard, Bishop Jakes’ “He-Motions”, and Micah Stampley.

Stacey is the co-founder of Kingdom Girls International a non-profit organization committed to helping young women build better lives through mentoring and abstinence counseling. Stacey graduated from Grambling State University with a B.S. in Secondary Education. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Stacey recently released her first book, Finding My Way, a revealing memoir of her life journey.

Stacey recorded her first "Live" worship record--iBelieve on April 2, 2010 in, her hometown, Baton Rouge. It's scheduled to be released late summer.

Stacey resides in Charlotte, NC and is a member of World Worship Center where Lloyd Bustard is the pastor.