Stacey Joseph

Stacey Joseph

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


No stranger to the music industry, this singer, songwriter, clinician, educator, and
businesswoman is full of vision and clear in her purpose.

Constrained by the great gospel of Jesus Christ, Stacey believes that worship is a lifestyle. “I’ve learned that praise and worship are the keys that unlock the doors of peace and joy that lead to abundant living, understanding of purpose, and excellence in every area of our lives. Praise and Worship take the focus off of you and your situation and shift the attention toward God. True worship is not rehearsed or restrained, but is pure, sincere, and birthed out of relationship with the Father.” Stacey has just released her debut album-Prayer Time. "Prayer Time was a long awaited project for me. For quite sometime I'd been wanting to do a devotional CD..something that people could listen to as they started their day, or something that they could meditate with during their morning commute to work. This CD has been growing within me for a long time now. The songs are prayers with simple melodies. The prayers are heartfelt. The instrumentation is tasteful. " This 9-track CD is sure to ignite a fire in the listener to spend quality time in prayer with God.

Staceytraveled for five years with Israel Houghton as a member of the worship group, New Breed. She sang lead on “Friend”on the Live from Another Level album and “You’ve Been A Friend” on the recently released Alive In South Africa album. She has sung on various artists’ projects including: Mary Alessi, Martha Munizzi, Lakewood Church, Karen Clark-Sheard, Bishop Jakes’ “He-Motions”, and Micah Stampley.

Stacey is the co-founder of Kingdom Girls International a non-profit organization committed to helping young women build better lives through mentoring and abstinence counseling. Stacey graduated from Grambling State University with a B.S. in Secondary Education. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Stacey recently released her first book, Finding My Way, a revealing memoir of her life journey.

Stacey recorded her first "Live" worship record--iBelieve on April 2, 2010 in, her hometown, Baton Rouge. It's scheduled to be released late summer.

Stacey resides in Charlotte, NC and is a member of World Worship Center where Lloyd Bustard is the pastor.


Freely Give

Written By: Stacey Joseph

To you I give my life
My hopes, my dreams, my cares
To do what you will
I freely give
You are my source of love
My source of peace
In you I am made strong
All that I am
I freely give

I give my heart
My inward part
I give my mind
Transform my thoughts
Exchange my will
While I wait still
All that I am
I freely give

Give you everything
Give my hopes, my dreams
Give you all of me
Surrender to you Lord

My Desire

Written By: Kelbert McFarland

Father I love You. Father I need You
Can't live without You Wouldn't even try to
You are so faithful. To You I am grateful.
For how you set me free.
Way back on Calvary.

I want to spend my life with You
I want to be so close to You.
I want to walk and talk with You
Do what You want me to do
This is my desire.
And Lord I love You

Tear Down The Walls

Written By: Stacey Joseph, Chad Chambers, Eric Brice

Who am I? What do I know?
Where do I go? What do I believe?
Who am I? Am I really here
Or is this all just make believe?
Who am I? Do I understand this master plan?
That includes me who am I?
Is there a chance for me? To finally be free.

Tear down the walls
Break down the barriers
That have caged me in
For so many years
Tear down the walls-Jesus
Start to rebuild in me
The frame of my identity
Tear down the walls

I am yours
I know you love me
I run to you arms
Where’s there is safety

I am free
To rewrite my story
Fullfill my destiny
My past is history

I am fearless
I belong here
This place was reserved for me
There’s no going back from here
You gave me the key
To unlock the real me
I’m open cause I believe
There’s so much more to me


Tear Down The Walls -Single
Available on iTunes.