Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee


My music is heart felt, real, full of love and understanding. My music allows one to connect with their inner self on an intimate level. My music is innocent and honest. My music also makes you drift off to that place that makes you feel good. My music is like a natural high. Listen you'll love it.


My influences are women like Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Leona Lewis, and Yolanda Adams. These wonderful songstress/songwriters enable me, lift me, and give me strength. I know in my heart that if I believe in my self enough to work hard at the job. Then it is inevitable. It will happen. I have a unique and powerful voice. My music is soulful and peacful at the same time. My music keeps you looking for more of what I'm about. Stacey Lee is a young talented lady. Stacey Lee from the young age of five years carried this eagerness to entertain. From singing to dancing, writing to drawing, stepping to cheerleading, spelling bees to chess championships. If I can get my hands on it, that means I've touched it. I love to entertain. My story is a story of love. I like to love and cant stand when I feel some other than. As a little girl when someone or something made me upset, I would look out of my window and natures geographics would help me to express how I felt. This is how I began to write poetry. My poetry soon turned to powerful songs. I am a strong girl, who is eager yet very patient. I believe in honesty and hard work. I believe that if it is in you then it can not leave you. The music that I possess is a gift from a higher power that I soon will let the world grasp a hold of. Stacey Lee is coming.

Set List

My songs are 3-4minutes long. I have a variety of songs, generating from love to party songs to songs that make strong concepts about life.