Stacey Paris

Stacey Paris

 Miami, Florida, USA

Stacey Paris is the new edgy, unique, pop sound with a mix of elements of dance, rock, and pop. Singer, Songwriter, Beat Maker, Fashionista she takes her music and creativity to make music that will be memorable and fun!


STACEY PARIS “ The Goddess of Pop”

Thousands of miles across the ocean and seas a young child at age 3 was brought to America for a better life and a chance to do what no else in her family has had a chance to do. Attending the best Catholic Schools and growing up in a small town called Clifton New Jersey we know now as Stacey Paris began her journey to music. Some people are born in this world to be and do certain things while Stacey is one of those who loves to do and be who she is. At a young age Stacey Paris has been an achiever and believer in everything she touches and decides to do. Her love of music started at age five listening to all the greatest hip hop and pop artists. Young Stacey often dreamed of being that star on television or going to the grammys some day and making a speech.

As a teen Stacey enjoyed writing, creating and learning about herself and the world we live in while doing a few modeling gigs in NYC. She made some mistakes on the way but continued to pick up the pieces by venturing on to a new city with a friend who also shared her similar interests. Things didn’t work out with her friend so she continued to live in Miami Florida and pursue her dream of music. In Miami amidst the sun, sand, and beautiful people, her star shined the brightest. Stacey found her voice, inspired by the dance music of the club scene, the Latino spice of the Cuban community, the hip hop of the streets, and the unrestrained vice that is the City of Miami. Here she teamed up with a few producers from NYC and Miami to help create and develop her sound. She coined the name “Keisha Kash” and started a worldwide buzz on in the internet with her first single BLEAH BLEAH BLEAH. Due to lack of the right financial backing, this record didn’t go far but yet has still continued to receive love across the nation. She performed all over Miami, broward , Atlanta, various charity events, basketball games and more and continued to build her brand. Stacey Paris received a few offers from various labels but she still didn’t find the right one to call home. As the industry continued to change another artist with similar name, and song titles came about and distraught “Keisha” decided due to mass confusion she wanted to change her name and change her style from hip hop to pop. Thus said she came up with the ever so catchy STACEY PARIS and worked the entire year of 2011 developing her brand. Stacey is a entrepreneur as well as an indie artist that pushes her music through her own record label titled” World Hits Music Group.” Stacey Paris also learned and enjoyed playing some electric guitar in her spare time. As a lover of music she decided to learn Pro Tools, and FL Studio programs to start developing her unique sound. She is currently working with some great producers who have been assisting her along this journey.

Remember the name Stacey Paris because this female goddess of pop powerhouse does it all. She is a singer, rapper, dancer, writer, musician, producer, fashionista and entrepenuer. As the queen of her multi-talent encompassing empire, she dominates music and fashion while immersing herself in the music industry in her adopted home of Miami, Florida.
She has a few new singles , pop mixtapes and more due this year to watch out for.

If any predictions can be made of this up and coming talent, it would be to believe the hype because Stacey Paris has many tricks up her multi-talented sleeve and she is a hot commodity that can’t and won’t be stopped


Single Releases
Heart Thief Oct 2011
Miami Rich August 2011
Underwear December 2010
Pretty Picture July 2009
Bleah Bleah Bleah 2008