Stacia Petrie

Stacia Petrie


Award-winning singer/songwriter with a fresh perspective and innovative lyrics blending acoustic sounds with electric blues


Singer/songwriter Stacia Petrie has been performing solo and in bands steadily since 1993. Multiple nominee and award winner at the Detroit Music Awards (2000-2007) in both the Acoustic and Blues categories, she has also been a New Folk Finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival (1998) and winner for numerous other songwriting contests. In addition to her own projects, she also is an original and current member of the Detroit Women, a Detroit-area supergroup of seven female lead vocalists and an all-star, four-piece band called Motor City Express. She recently won 1st place in the Blues category of the 11th annual Unisong International Songwriting Competition with the song "Face the Blues", cowritten by Josh Ford and Rick Stel.


What You're Looking For

Written By: Stacia Petrie

You say the road's calling your name
Life at home with me is much too tame
While you roam, I'm here all alone
I hope you find what you're looking for

I hope you find what you're looking for
And fate is kind to you on your search for more
While you roam, I'm here all alone
I hope you find what you're looking for

In time you drop me a line
Just a little more time away and you'll be fine
All this time gone, I'm still holding on
I hope you find what you're looking for


You say you'll come back a better man than before
Don't you know I loved the man who left a year ago
All this time gone, are you ever coming home
I hope you find what you're looking for

I wish I was what you're looking for
Right here under your nose, how could you want more
All this time gone, and I'm still hanging on
I hope you find what you're looking for

Do you know what you're looking for
You know you never left from our front door
You were so gone, but you were here all along
I don't know what you're looking for
Do you know what you're looking for

Crash Course

Written By: Stacia Petrie

No way to study for this kind of test
I'm not prepared, I'm so inept
No way to know how it will all unfold
I didn't even know I was enrolled

On this crash couse of loving you
You keep me guessin' till I learn my lesson
On this crash course of loving you

No drawn out theories or some wise highbrow
No expert around, telling me how
Just a blind, sweet soul on a ghostride
Praying like hell not to collide


A test drive turns to disaster
Full speed ahead, faster and faster

You came out of nowhere, hit me blindside
Impact so hard, I was trapped for life
Can I get out, can I ever be free
Not a scratch on you, I'm the sole (soul) casualty


Torch Song Flame

Written By: Stacia Petrie

You can change your mind
You can come back anytime

There's a candle in my window
There's a bonfire in my soul
This torch song flame burns so bright
It will lead your way back home, to me

You can't help but see
This torch that's burning inside me


Well, you needed a break
Hey, I can wait


Face the Blues

Written By: Stacia Petrie`

You don't have to chase the blues
But sooner or later you got to face the blues
Don't have to invite them in your house
They're all up in there anyhow
Can't escape the blues

They're all up in your bed
Woven into every thread
They're all up in your kitchen spout
And the blues just leak on out
Can't escape the blues

Just when you thought that you put those mean old blues to bed
They crawl up into your head
Swept them under the rug, all out of sight
They snuck back in to kiss you good night

The attic stacked up to the top
The blues tucked into every box
The roof's almost falling down, the blues just weigh it down,
Can't escape the blues

You thought you put the blues out with the trash
But somehow they found their way back
Thought you shed the blues finally let 'em go
But sometimes you're the last to know

1st verse again

Clean Break

Written By: Stacia Petrie

So I'm standing on a corner
Lookin' across town
I'm getting ready to bolt
I'll take one long last look around

And I've dried up all my grapevines
Tied up my loose ends
I'm keepin' my eyes open
To see how this era ends
I'm gonna jump a little bit deeper
into who I really am
It's a clean break, clean break away from here

I ain't got no beef with this town
It's just time to go
Sometimes in order to find yourself
You got to leave everything you know



Written By: Stacia Petrie

It was a scorcher
My soul was parched
I stretched and I reached
I was an inch too short

My dear girl, why go back to the empty well
You must go
Far beyond here
On yonder
Far beyond here

I'm in your back pocket
In case your main thing falls apart
I'm starving so you're feeding me lines
Her shadow's way too dark


Yonder, where the river flows
Yonder, where the sunshine glows
Yonder, where a garden grows
Yonder, where your soul knows


The way's clear
Go on, wander
Far beyond
Far beyond

Long, Cold, Lonely Night

Written By: Stacia Petire

Slam! Goes the front screen door
and you blast off down the road
And you say you ain't comin back no more
This concludes this week's episode
You say you're better off alone
And you need some extra space to roam
Better hunker down, bundle up tight
It's gonna be another long, cold, lonely night

Damn! There goes five long years of working hard at this thing
And there's gotta be a point to all these tears
And all this pain
And there ain't no end to this fight
I cried the blue right out of my eyes
Better hunker down, bundle up tight
It's gonna be another long, cold, long, cold lonely night

Temperature's fallin, fallin, down

Slam! goes the front screen door and you're looking deep in my eyes
Sayin' baby give me another chance
C'mon just one more try
Well, you must think I am high
Cuz my tears aren't even dry
Fore I let you back into my life
It's gonna have to be a long, cold, long cold lonely
Long, cold, long, cold, lonely
Long as all time
Cold as your heart
Long, cold, lonely night

Abandon That Philandere

Written By: Stacia Petrie/Joshua Ford

Hi, Momma, how are you
Thanks for dinner last night
What do you think of my new guy
Doesn't he clean up nice
She said you better lose that loser
Let Don Juan go on home
Abandon that philanderer
Girl, you're better off alone

Scuse me momma
I think our call got dropped
What was that you were saying
Before we got cut off
She said the jig's up
For that gigolo
Let that rolling stone roll on home
Abandon that philanderer
Girl, You're better off alone

Momma, I can barely hear you
You keep breaking up
This connection must be bad
Cuz you're fading in and out
She said you ain't got no time for a two-timer
That much testosterone won't stay at home
Abandon that philanderer
Girl, you're better off alone

You don't have to spy or pry
Honey just use your eyes
Don't close your ears or your mind
To what he says, or he confides
He'll show you everything a woman needs to know
Girl, you're better off alone

C'mon, mom, what do you really think
You don't have to dress it up
Do you think we stand a chance
I hope I don't mess it up
She said haven't you heard a single word I've said
Are you in the twilight zone
Abandon that philanderer
Girl, you're better off alone
Girl, I know that you are grown
But girl, you're better off alone

Too Soon

Written By: Stacia Petrie

I love you like I love all mankind
But don't step foot in my front yard

It's too soon
It's too soon
Too soon
You didn't last past the honeymoon

No I don't think we can be friends
Check back the next millenium

You want me to forgive and forget
Don't fret baby and don't be upset

I was ready for a long haul
You only stick for a short run
You paint it over with a coat of roses
Doesn't change what you have done

When you call I think you're coming back to me
My heart stops I see the caller ID
But you're only looking to shoot the breeze
With friends like you, who needs enemies

It's too soon yeah too soon
too soon way too soon
It's too soon, I'm still licking my wounds
It's too soon, don't call me I'll call you
It's too soon, check you baby the next blue moon

Shine On Out

Written By: Stacia Petrie

Well, I know you're in there somewhere
Come on out and be here
Why hide your sweet self inside
Come on out

The snapshot you share with everyone is one-dimensional
And you've got your charm turned on full blast
But I want to see under your mask
Shine on out
Shine on out

Well, I know you're in there
Come on out if you dare
Why hide your sweet light inside
Come on out


Why give into the doubt
Gotta find your way out
Shine your way out


Loose Ends

Written By: Stacia Petrie

Sorry, mom
Sorry, dad
I'm such a mess
And I'm on your doorstep
Once again
I need your help

And the loose ends of my life
Drift farther and farther apart
How can I piece them together
When I don't even know where they are
Maybe you know

I never dreamed I'd be so far away
So far away from myself
And I don't recognize who's living inside
Must be somebody else


I used to be in one piece
So long ago
Now I'm broken, scattered and shattered apart

I always thought that when I turned adult
But the more I sleep, the more tired I get
And I just can't get up

And the loose ends of my life
Drift farther and farther apart
How can I ever collect them
When I don't even know what they are
And the loose ends of my life drift farther and farther apart
How come you never told me that life would be this hard


Sessions from the Mission (1995)
A Milestone a Minute (1998)
Torch Song Flame (2003)
soon to be released-
Ruby Blues (2007)

Set List

Set list length adapts to show requirements, but I prefer a 75 or 90 minute set (or two, if at a club)

My originals from my four CDs
What You're Looking For
A Milestone a Minute
Torch Song Flame
Clean Break
Crash Course
Stew In My Blues
Too Soon
Face the Blues
Abandon that Philanderer
Long, Cold, Lonely Night
Sock it to me Santa
The Very Same Thing
So Much More
Your Underground
So Far Gone
Shine On Out
Givin' In

covers include
Every Night of the Week (Lou Ann Barton)
Angel of the Morning (Merilee Rush)
Chain Gang (the Pretenders)
Have a Heart (Bonnie Raitt)
Bring it on Home (Sam Cooke)
Sugar Coated Love (Lou Ann Barton)
Serves Me Right (Son Seals)
Richest One (Toni Price)
Don't Know Why (Norah Jones)
Still Called the Blues (Tab Benoit)
Angel from Montgomery (John Hiatt)
That's Why I'm Singing the Blues (KoKo Taylor)
2000 Miles (the Pretenders)
Blue House (Marcia Ball)
It Hurts Me Too (various)
29 Ways (Willie Dixon)
I Shall B