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Stack Jones has an extensive background in both the music and film entertainment business. He's represented Academy, Grammy and Cleo Award winning artists as an agent and then took a hiatus from the industry to receive his Juris Doctorates degree in law.

Stack specialized in contract and entertainment law and spent two years working in the Public Defenders Office of San Bernardino County, California where he won every motion that was presented before a judge in both the criminal and juvenile divisions.

Stack Jones undergraduate degrees are in film production, and applied music. He was a prolific screenwriter and a project developer for TV and motion pictures working with two-time Emmy Award winning producer Alan Sacks. Stack worked with legendary music producer Karl Richardson, who has 19 number one hits, and has won two Grammy Awards for producer of the year and album of the year. Karl's production hits include songs by Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Lynryd Skynrd, Eric Clapton and the Bee Gees. Stack has received his certification as an audio and video engineer from legendary MCA Records President and Grammy Award winning engineer Brian Ingoldsby, at the SoundMaster Recording Studio in Los Angeles, California.

And now for something completely different...

13 Rowdy Row.

This particular music project has some strange twist and turns attached to it. Along with perseverance and shear determination. This is probably why the songs are so unique, compelling and original. These songs are not demos. It took more then two years to complete this project, which began in Gainesville, Florida, then to San Diego, California, Las Vegas, Nevada and finally Tokyo, Japan.

During Spring break from law school, Stack realized he loved his music more than a life as an executive, or attorney. Although he desired to finish his legal education, and thought it may someday be useful. Stack was determined to produce his first solo project, instead of, as he had done in the past, write and produce for other artists. So, Stack travelled to Gainesville, Florida to lay down the rhythm tracks of his first ten songs at the Rec Room, a studio owned by Ronnie Cates, bassist of the Grammy Award winning band Petra. However, hurricanes Francis and hurricane Jean slammed the state of Florida nearly simultaneously, devastating the entire East and West coasts. The Rec Room had to close and the state of Florida had to be rebuilt. Stack's project was on hold before it was even started. He returned to law school hell.

Upon graduation from law school in January of 2007 Stack returned to the studio. He dragged his recording gear to 13 Rowdy Row, his families vacation home in Lake Mead, Nevada. He isolated himself in the Nevada desert during the entire winter season recording twenty new tunes. However, before he could even record guide vocal tracks, fate, or bad luck -- pick one, intervened. The National Park Services ordered forty-three vacations homes off of National Park Land with a mere 30 days notice. The silent, beautiful and peaceful setting was suddenly filled with the sounds of tractors, trailers, thieving magpies, bargain hunters, and disgruntled property owners wrangling with Park officials. The quiet and serene setting turned to total chaos.

Stack needed several more months to complete the project and had no where to go. Suddenly he was offered a screenplay writing assignment in Japan. He was to begin to write a film based on the best-selling novel Bumi Manusia, which netted author Pramoedya Ananta Toer seventeen years in prison for writing it, and a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. So Stack packed up his studio and moved to Japan. He worked on the vocals for his music project in his spare time.

Now the project is finally completed. Twenty brand new tunes in the can, uh, hard disk drives to be more accurate.

In conclusion: Stack wrote, recorded, produced, composed and engineered this project entirely without the help of anyone. He played all the instruments; guitars, electric and acoustic, keyboards, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel, strings, percussions, bass, harmonicas, and on and on.

"It quickly becomes apparent how daunting such would be, and under such circumstances. Yet, we as people, do what we do when we are compelled to do so. Of course, I would have preferred to have done it all in one studio, with a handful of gifted Nashville musicians and my good friend Karl Richardson as co-producer, but you take what life gives and run with it."

"No doubt, I'd like to rerecord certain tracks, and have the input of legendary producer/engineer Karl Richardson's, but this project is what it is. Hopefully, I can sell it and get moving on the next album, which has already been written. I sure could use some of that good 'ol Nashville influence."

All it takes is a nod and a wink. And some cash to boot.

So, have a look see, and a listen too. And let me know what you think. Or not.