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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Wanting More..."

The self-proclaimed "indie-rock renegades" known as Stack Magic have just released a 6-song EP. This self-produced record starts off with a bang and doesn’t let up. On "Passion City," the first cut on the EP, these guys use more vocal harmonies than you can shake a stick at. And the third track, "Close to You," is so catchy that I can’t believe it isn’t all over the radio.

With tight, harmonic vocals, catchy hooks and driving beats, Stack Magic has managed to make an album that is accessible to pop lovers, songwriters and rock fans alike. This might sound like a tall order to fill, but they not only managed to fill it, they leave us wanting more.

by Ambre Whitey
- Nashville Rock.Net- Mar '03

"Critics' Top Picks"

STACK MAGIC- This local group's sexy, meiodic rock 'n roll calls to mind steamy, smoky bars, tight blue jeans, tattoos, watered­down whiskey drinks and intimate after parties too torrid to describe in print. . Frontman Nathan Spears' gravelly; road weary voice toughens up the pleasing cho­ruses and vocal harmonies shared by rhe rest of the band. Bassist Royal Reed holds down solid, straightforward grooves, while Trigger beats the hell out of the drums and brother Mario Canido cranks out classic guitar hooks and crunchy chords. If you missed Stack Magic's release show in June, you missed to take home their six-song EPfor free.
When they play 12th & Porter, bring a few extra bucks to purchase their self-titled debut. H.J.
- Nashville Scene- June '03

"" A True Shot ""

Saturday night, Feb. 15th, I checked out a band called Stack Magic at ExitlIn. I had heard of this band before, but this was my first chance actually checking them out live. All in all, I was very impressed. It has all the key components necessary for success: good songs, tight performance, good presence and a good look. Stack Magic consists of: Nathan Spears, lead vocals/guitar; Mario Canido, guitar/backing vocals; Trigger, drummer/backing vocals; and Royal Reed, bass/backing vocals. They comprise a band of polished, experienced musicians. Trigger is a product ofthe 90's DC punk scene and has toured with bands such as the Ramones, and Mario's credientials include recording an album for Van Halen's 5150 album in L.A. Bass player Royal, originally from Texas, has worked extensively on Broadway. Nathan had built a reputation around the Murfreesboro area when he was approached about forming the band in 1999. Stack Magic are one of the bands with a shot to break open the Nashville rock scene.

Stack Magic' music is straight-up rock. The songs are all catchy, professional and polished - they scream of experience. They are well-crafted slabs of pop rock with beautiful hooks. Sonically, the songs have a "feel good" tone to them, and I definitely hear an 80's influence (good 80's music, not hair metal). Nathan's voice is silky smooth, and all the guitar tones are juicy. The whole band had great stage presence, and Nathan looked very comfortable in the front man role.

The band has a slick look as well. Many Nashville bands could learn a thing or two about presentation from these guys. Rockin' out and having some sense of fashion are not diametrically opposed. I especially dug the clothes worn by guitar player Canido - that guy knows how to dress.

If you're looking for well written rock songs of a pop pursausion, played by a professional band, you need to check Stack Magic out.
- The Tennesean- Feb '03

"Critics' Pick Of The Week"

If you have not seen them yet, you must. Never heard of them? You will. Seeing this band renews my hope for the future of rock. Treat yourself... J.L.M. - The Rage Music Magazine-Sept '03


STACK MAGIC/ From The Dirt


Feeling a bit camera shy


To say the very least, there is a deep and buoyant sigh of relief when the avid music junky finds himself at the mercy of an unprocessed, to-the-point, authoritative rock band. To clarify, this does not include the polished and sometimes tarnished carbon copies sporting the latest suggested fashions, regenerating the previously recycled "alt," resonance. In a more accurate description, this points to a band grown more organically with roots planted firmly in the essentials of rock and roll. And if you can’t remember the last time you saw a live band that seized your attention within the first 5 minutes of their set, then you haven’t seen Stack Magic.

Well equipped with blatantly gritty guitar hooks and contagious grooves, Stack Magic is the perfect antidote for entertainment rigormortis. Nathan Spears of Alabama, leads with unaffected ease delivering ripe vocal quality, meat-and-potatoes guitar playing, and lyrical unpretentiousness. Rhythm guitarist from Wyoming Mario Canido, entangles fluently with the solid funk-laced style of bassist Royal Reed who hails from that famous Texas town of El Paso. Trigger, also from Wyoming wraps it up with solid "in the pocket" backbeats, which is, after all, the rock badge-of-honor.

When delving into their audio collection the "balls to the walls" type seeker might want to start with "Passion City Blues" or "Sage Brush," while the more relaxed listener may want to go with the mellow command of "Method Actor." Angsty patrons will most definitely find comfortable refuge in "Who I Am," and "No Face To My Faith," well, we’ll just let that song speak for itself.

Their live show is unmistakingly fresh and highly suggested to anyone who is on the verge of a music mental break down. Not to worry, help is available. The band is gearing up for their first independent release slated to be out in the early part of this year. Until then, take a large dose of the band’s website for downloading instructions and upcoming events.

For review copies or booking information contact RPR Media at (615) 977.2328