Music is Stacy B's life! Stacy B is a National performer w/a band, back up singers, dancers, & costume changes. Her pop style music is upbeat, vocals are on point, she takes control of the stage, & will get you dancing! Give Stacy B & her fans the chance as she lives her dream, she puts on a show!


Madonna, Beyonce, Christina, Mariah and Janet were just a few of Stacy B's influences as she was growing up. While watching these performers, Stacy B developed a passion and talent for not only singing and writing music, but for producing it, arranging it, and dancing to it as well. This quintuple threat has been involved in music since the age of 3. While struggling to grow up, her family moved several times which made it hard for her to make friends. After her parents divorced, her mother became homeless, which made it far to easy for Stacy to grow up. She decided to use her day-to-day struggles to create music and poetry, which helped her hone in on her writing and arranging abilities. On a daily basis, Stacy is driven to achieve her ultimate goal which is; performing, singing, writing and developing her musical talent for the world. She continues to push the envelope with the style of her music, which is constantly evolving. Everyday she is dedicated to making beats, recording in the studio, creating new dance routines, video editing, designing outfits for her performances and so much more. Stacy B has managed to obtain spots on MTV Jams, NBC's Kare 11 News, Mall of America, as well as opening up for several national acts, including Lil' Mama and En Vogue, among many things. Stacy B is currently backed by a group of dancers, on-air radio personalities, producers, event coordinators, photographers, as well as fans, friends and family that love her and know that Stacy B is the newest national pop music sensation. Stacy B’s ambition, drive and determination are evident in her approach and philosophy to writing and creating music. This unique combination of talent, versatility, creativity, multi-lingual abilities and business savvy is what sets Stacy B aside from the rest. It is also what has ultimately destined her for success.

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Front Row Playlist (CD Sampler) 2008
Track1 Intro
Track2 Candy Fix
Track3 Let's Go
Track5 With You
Track6 2 Get 2 U
Track7 Hazy

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Set List

Typical set last 45 minutes. Can be tailored shorter or longer depending on crowd participation, costume changes, etc.

Typical set list:
Front Row Playist

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