Stacy Brooks

Stacy Brooks


Stacy Brooks was just nominated for two "WAMMIE's" Blues Female Vocalist & Blues Recording categories by The Washington Area Music Association for 2009. Her singing career began at age 5 singing jazz standards on Army bases in Germany. Just opened for 3 time Grammy Winner Delbert Stat tune


The Stacy Brooks Band was formed in February 2007, and Stacy was nominated for "New Artist of the Year" by The Washington Area Music Association that year. Fast Forward to 2009, in her short span on the blues circuit she has shared the stage with blues legends Bobby Parker, Kenny Neal, Eddie Shaw, The Nighthawks, Mudcat, Daryl Davis, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Billy Branch, Robert "Bob" Stroger, Memphis Gold and Lil Dave Thompson to name a few. Her highly anticipated debut CD, Love Peace & The Blues is coming due out in the Spring of 2010 in which Stacy wrote and arranged 11 of the songs. She is the executive producer and also plays percussions on all of the songs. The cover's haven't torn apart, but are slightly bent and her zest has been added. The CD features a duet with legendary Bluesman Kenny Neal and some other musicians you might recognize. As her blues mentors, Memphis Gold and Kenny Neal also serve as musicians and co-producers of the CD. Having spent her childhood in Germany, she loves to stun her audience by singing in German. Check out Stacy’s video's on You Tube. Her original song "My name is Stacy" is in rotation at WPFW 89.3fm.
Watch out, because she is just getting started…

Her recent performances:
Blues Alley with The Daryl Davis Band (November 2009)
6th Annual Congressional Blues Festival (October 2009)
Big Lick Blues Festival (October 2009)
Greenbelt Blues Festival (September 2009)
Riverfront Blues Festival (August 2009)
Surf Club Live (July 2009)
17th Annual Safeway BBQ Battle (DC June 2009)
Tinner Hill Blues Festival (June 2009)
Mariposa Blues Festival (May 2009)
Blues Alley with Memphis Gold (March 2009)
Flanagan's Harp and Fiddle (February 2009)
Westminster Blue Monday w/guests Kenny Neal, Spoon from Heatwave and Trombonist Greg Boyer (January 2009)
Fish Head Cantina-(Bobby Parker Blues Band & Kenny Neal-2008)
Media Blues Stroll-(Stacy Brooks Band-2008)
The Mountains Edge-(the Pocono Blues Festival- 2008)
Westminster-Blue Monday (The Stacy Brooks Band-2008)
Bangkok Blues (The Stacy Brooks Band-2006-2008)
Chick Hall’s Surf Club, MD (Stacy Brooks & Friends 2007-2008)
Media Blues Stroll, Media PA (Randy Lippincott Band-2007)
Wiggins Park, NJ (Randy Lippincott Band-2007)
Shades of Blue, DE (Stacy Brooks & Friends)
Saint Bourbon Street, DC (Stacy Brooks & Friends-2006-2008)
The Apollo Theatre with Culture Ranks (Reggae Artist-2000)
Sully’s, VA (Crap Blues Band-2002)
The State Theatre, VA (Crap Blues Band-2002)
Bohemian Caverns, DC (Solo Performance-2003)
Madams Organ, DC (Larry Miese w/Lucky Dog)
The Shark Club, VA (Crap Blues Band)
Saint Bourbon Street, DC (Allan Harrington & Friends)
The National Grill, DC (WAMMIE Nom’d, Free Rein Band) (WAMMIE Nom’d, Free Rein Band)

For direct booking: 703-786-1468
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My name is Stacy

Written By: Stacy Brooks

Verse 1
My name is Stacy
I’m gon sing the blues
Ya might nota heard of me
But I aint that new
Been singing all my life now
From Europe to Newport News
And when I’m finished here
You gon love the stuff that I do

Cuz my name is Stacy
S T A C Y (spoken, don’t put no “e” in my name
I said my name is Stacy!
My name is Stacy Brooks
And my blues gon make you high!

Wait a minute lemme tell y'all something

Verse 2
When I was a little girl
My mama told me to sing
She put me on the stage y'all
Told me to do my thing
I was just five years old
Didn’t know what to do
But now I a grown woman
And I love singing the blues

Cuz my name is Stacy
(spoken, don’t put no “e” in my name)
I said my name is Stacy, yeah
S T A C Y (not Tracy)
My name is Stacy Brooks
And my blues gon make you high!

Spoken- Band break it down!
I felt the need to right this song because so
many people misspell my name or call me by another name
My name is not Tracy, Stephanie, Tiffany, or Tricia, it’s what?
STACY, Yeah that’s right! S T A C Y

Cuz my name is Stacy
I said my name is Stacy
My name is Stacy Brooks
And my blues gon make you high!

Don't lemme have to tell you again! OK?!


Stacy Brooks Live @ The Surf Club (Nominated for a WAMMIE Award)
Love, Peace & The Blues (coming Spring 2010 soon)
Ras Iton-2008
WAMMIE Nominated Cold Wind-2005
Diamonds in the Ruff-1999
Frankie B Natural-1995

Set List

Blues Set List

My name is Stacy-Stacy Original
Red Pumps & Cognac-Stacy Original
Love, Peace + The Blues-Stacy Original
It aint right-Stacy Original
Chicken Wangs-Stacy Original
DC Strut-Stacy Original
Stop playn games-Stacy Original
Let the good times roll
Today I sing the blues
Drink Muddy Water
Wang Dang Doodle
Dr. Feelgood
Little by Little
Beer Bottle Boogie
I'm a woman
Hey Bartender
Sweet Lover
Sure had a wonderful time last night
Don't start me to talking
It hurts so bad
Hound dog
Rock me baby
The thrill is gone
He don't know (Stacy Original)
DC Blues (Stacy Original)
Down home blues
Blue by myself
Clean up woman
Rock me right
Got my mojo workin
Before he cheats
Stop watching your enemies
Reconsider baby
Clean up woman
Go away little boy
Good Rockin Daddy
Mama he treats your daughter mean

May be altered depending on the venue & event.
New songs are added each quarter.

Jazz Set List

My Funny Valentine
My mot