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"O.C. electro artist Stacy Clark finds success indie style"

The Newport Beach singer-songwriter's tireless pursuit of her music career has landed her songs on shows such as MTV's 'The Hills.'

The Orange County Register

Singer/songwriter Stacy Clark is a self-promoting machine. When she's not chillin' at the Irvine Spectrum, grabbing coffee and walking off a Corner Bakery lunch, she's out working on her music career. Clark moved to Newport Beach from Buffalo, N.Y., four years ago. She left her home, family and friends, to come to California and pursue music.
Performing all over Southern California, Clark has performed with Jack's Mannequin, Copeland, Portugal the Man, Phantom Planet and The New Amsterdams. She's received local acclaim in 2007 when she took home the best female performer award from The Orange County Music Awards. Clark also earned honors from other music award shows including the Inland Empire Music Awards, Southern California Music Awards and the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

In late 2007 she released the full-length album "Apples & Oranges," a mix of indie rock and electronica coupled with Clark's honest and sweet lyrics. She unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve. Her lyrics come from a deep, personal place: "You Make it Worse" was written after her grandmother passed away and she realized who her true friends were. "Peppermint Patties," Clark says, is a song about "wanting the things that you know are bad for you, whether it be boys or chocolate."

"Apples & Oranges" also features guest vocals from a few of Clark's friends, Tom Higgenson of the Plain White T's, Tim Pagnotta of Sugarcult, and Aaron Marsh of Copeland.

She managed to get her record into the hands of some TV network executives and as a result, three of her songs have been featured on TV shows: "Empty Bottles" and "Say What You Want" were featured on MTV's "The Hills" and "Unusual" was featured on an episode of the CW's show "Girlfriends."

Clark is currently gigging locally as much as possible, frequenting the OC/LA/San Diego scenes. She's also working on setting up shows and blood drives with Music Saves Lives, a charity she helped found and is the official spokeswoman for.

Clark found a few minutes between music, coffee, work and music to chat via phone about what she's up to.

OCR: Who are some of your musical influences?

Clark: John Lennon, well the Beatles, I wouldn't want the rest of them to feel left out, but mostly Lennon. Also: Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Jewel, Fiona Apple, and Stevie Nicks. Stevie is incredible, just her songs and the way she carries herself and I look at her career overall and the longevity of it and I really respect her.

Her songs are eternal and that's why people like her, I put John Lennon, Tom Petty, James Taylor ad Bob Dylan on a pedestal because their songs are amazing, honest and it's not manufactured. I have such respect for actual, real artists.

OCR: What's it like for you to share your most personal thoughts with everyone?

Clark: There are always periods of life when you're like "oh life sucks," it's those beautiful letdowns that give birth to something else. It's hard because you write these songs and every time you play them you feel the emotions again. It's like being in therapy every night, but its tough love, and sometimes you just want to go on auto pilot, but you can't.

OCR: How do you get out there and promote yourself?

Clark: I do a lot of different things and do a lot of marketing for my music. I think the thing that separates me from a lot of musicians is that a lot of people want the career, but they don't work for it. I have a band and we play a lot of shows and if we're not playing shows, I'm out playing acoustic sets, I'm constantly writing, I'm working on my next record now and promoting "Apples & Oranges" heavily and any opportunity I have to promote my music, I get out there and I do it. Its a mix of a gift and a curse.

The record came out in November and it's for sale on iTunes and through my Web site ( and basically when people order it from the site, I'm the one stuffing the envelope, adding a poster, putting on the stamp and going to the post office. I'm totally do-it-yourself from beginning to end. I like it that way and think people appreciate the personal touch.

OCR: Is what you wear on stage important to you?

Clark: Actually, yeah. I don't worry about it; it's a fun part of the process. There's a certain expectation within this industry to look good. It's not always fun because sometimes you just want to throw on a pair of jeans and go. Personally I like dressing up and having fun with it. It's transforming, fashion is transforming and I like to look at it like that.

OCR: What songs are stuck in your head right now?

Clark: It's funny, there's a Timbaland song that I don't even know the name of, but I'm writing a song with my friend that kinda has that style so I've had that Timbaland song stuck in my head. I also have Jacks Mannequin "Spinning" in my head. I just sang on it and it's realy really good. The Plain White T's have this new song "Natural Disaster" coming out on their new record and it's really catchy too.

OCR: What's the last concert you went to besides your own?

Clark: Bright Eyes.

OCR: Do you do any cover songs?

Clark: Oh … you'll just have to come to the shows and see.

OCR: What are you currently doing with Music Saves Lives?

Clark: There are a few upcoming events and I'm going to go out and talk to some people and I'm going to a couple blood drives – I sing while people are donating blood. Warped Tour this summer and plans for other events. People can sign up ( for the upcoming blood drives, donate blood and get backstage passes to some of these shows.

OCR: What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Clark: Golden Spoon's coffee frozen yogurt, playing soccer, and going snowboarding. I'm trying to learn how to relax because I really don't know how. Indulgences: Whenever I get to just hang out with the people I love, I'm pretty happy. - The Orange County Register

"Gibson Recommends Stacy Clark Apples and Oranges"

Stacy Clark knows a thing or two about adversity. Ten years ago, during her senior year of high school, the Buffalo, New York singer was diagnosed with a rare blood platelet disorder that nearly took her life. Clark handled the physical ordeal with grace, and in the end the illness only added to her sense of drive and determination. In addition to doing open-mic shows while still in high school, Clark was savvy enough to seek an internship at a local recording studio. A pattern of diligence and perseverance was set in motion.

“I sacrificed any sort of free social time in order to keep doing what I wanted, which was to create music and go out and tour,” Clark says. “I learned the whole process of recording, from the ground up. I didn’t have anyone holding my hand, or paying for anything. I did everything—from buying my first guitar, to booking my first national tour, to promoting the shows. It has involved a lot of sacrifice, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, because it’s what I love to do.”

Stacy Clark Apples and OrangesThe result of Clark’s efforts is Apples and Oranges, the debut CD she released independently late last year. A quirky blend of folk-pop, electronica, and dance music, the disc brings to mind such notable songsters as Regina Spektor and Imogen Heap. Working with producer Ian Kirkpatrick, Clark buffs her singer-songwriter ruminations with sprite modern textures, giving them a subtle shine. She says the move toward a radio-friendly sound has been an organic progression.

“It’s sort of involved a transformation,” Clark explains. “When I was 15, I was more folkie. Then I went in a more blues and jazz direction. But I’ve always liked electronic rock. I grew up dancing, from the time I was eight until I was 15. Whenever I hear a beat, the first thing I want to do is move, because I was programmed that way. In the case of my music, I wanted to create a kind of Postal Service or Bjork electronic sound. Or a bit like Morcheeba or Portishead, but more mainstream.”

Clark cites alternative popsters Copeland as an influence as well. In fact, Copeland frontman Aaron Marsh guests on Apples and Oranges, singing a duet with Clark on a song titled “Empty Bottles.” “It’s funny,” she says. “I never anticipated that people who I admired would in turn like my music.”

Despite her go-it-alone history, Clark says she’s not averse to signing a record deal. She’s been in talks with several labels, and is currently weighing her options. “You can only do so much on your own,” she allows. “The industry is evolving rapidly, and you really need to go along with that. But whatever happens, I’m not going to stop making music. This is who I am, and I plan to always continue along this path.” -

"Various Press"

“There is a ton to like, love, and adore about Stacy Clark.” –

"Pop charmer Stacy Clark, whose on-stage style this night was pitched somewhere between Zooey Deschanel and a softer Katy Perry. Stacy Clark finds success indie style…and unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve."

"Take Björk, Dolores O'Riordan, Imogen Heap and Lisa Loeb, stick 'em all on a deserted island, "Lost"-style, with the two dudes from The Postal Service and maybe the kids from OneRepublic or The Fray, let 'em all run around naked, singing and writing, writing and singing, and the sonic outcome would probably sound similar to the music heard on Stacy Clark's debut full-length Apples & Oranges. " -talentfilter

“A quirky blend of folk-pop, electronica, and dance music…brings to mind such notable songstresses as Regina Spektor and Imogen Heap.” –

Stacy Clark’s official press materials describe her as having “an honest desire to succeed.” Talk about an understatement. Clark’s in-your-face ambition would be off-putting if she didn’t appear to be so earnest about it. Between her clear vocal talent and amiable quality (her MySpace features pics of precious moments between her and her dogs), it’s hard not to root for her." -OC Weekly

"Apples & Oranges is a fun album, and Stacy Clark is paving her way to becoming a widely known artist among other top female performers."

"Stacy Clark’s website is as adorable as she is. Clark has won countless awards and even financed her own album, Apples and Oranges, through touring and hardwork. She may pose with puppies, but this chick means business." -Plateau Magazine

“Stacy has a voice…that sounds like it should be all over mainstream radio…yet she also has this indie street-cred that may be attractive to….rebel against top 40 stuff.” –

"She has one of the sweetest voices in music today." -Sinister Girlz

What I love about Stacy’s work is her honesty of her songwriting. It’s impossible to listen to Stacy’s music and not appreciate her dedication to her craft and not become a fan.

"I caught Stacy* Clark’s set at The Knitting Factory last week and was so blown away by her performance that I demanded an interview. " -
- Various


"Patterns" - Released 2012, One Small Instrument
"Connect the Dots" - Released 2011, Vanguard Records
"Connect the Dots EP" - Released 2010, Vanguard Records
"Apples & Oranges" - Released 2007, One Small Instrument
"Unusual EP" - Released 2005, One Small Instrument
"Movement EP" - Released 2000, One Small Instrument

guest vocals on:

Jacks Mannequin - The Glass Passenger (Spinning/Crashing)
Delux - Hey Lover (Hey Lover)



A Buffalo native, Stacy Clark spent her youth at open mics, writing poems, teaching herself the
guitar and supporting national touring acts. In 2004, she packed up her car and headed to L.A.,
because she couldn’t imagine being anything but a musician. Since then, her determination has
grown and her hard work has paid off. In 2011, Clark’s song “White Lies” was selected by iTunes
as the Single of the Week, propelling her to No. 7 on the charts (just past Lady Gaga). Her record
Connect the Dots landed at #12 on Billboards ‘Heatseeker’ chart and was listed by Amazon as one
of the “Best Records of 2011”. Her song ‘Touch & Go’ was used in a national Canadian cell phone
commercial for Sprint. She has toured relentlessly, including residencies at the Hard Rock Cafe in
Hollywood, The Cosmo in Las Vegas and at Tab in Singapore. Clark appeared season five TLC’s
LA Ink getting her Connect the Dots album artwork on her back. She has opened for bands The
Plain White T’s, Kate Nash, A Fine Frenzy, The Bird and the Bee, Matt Nathanson, America, Eddie
Money, Jacks Mannequin, Belinda Carlisle of the Go Gos, Roger Hodgson of Supertramp, Joshua
Radin, Melissa Ferrick, Dick Dale, The New Amsterdams and Copeland.

In 2012, Clark landed the “Best Singer/Songwriter” award at the Artists in Music Series in Los
Angeles. She performed at NYC Living Room where her live recorded set was featured on Sirius/
XM ‘The Loft’. Other features include her music video ‘Sign’ airing on MTV and a guest appearance
on Delux’s ‘Hey Lover’ video airing in MTV Latin America.

2013 is shaping up to be a promising year. Clark performed at SXSW, including sharing the bill with Leigh Nash (Sixpence), Ed Kowalczyk (Live) and the Mogwalis.

This Spring Clark's new record ‘Symmetry’ will be released by Harbor Records, an imprint of EMI/Capitol Records. The 11 song record features guest vocals of Tom Higgenson (Plain White Ts) and the talentes of Andrew McMahon (Jacks Mannequin/Something Corporate). She will also be touring in Berlin, Germany.