Stacy Dillard

Stacy Dillard

 New York City, New York, USA

cPhyve: COLLECTIVE We are like/different minds drawn together with the sole purpose of unifying ALL people with the intent of doing what is GOOD through music and other arts. Elevation. We profess LOVE and the positive. We defy that which is against MAN/WOMAN. Are you WITH or AGAINST?


"Stacy’s concept is original and inspiring. He is completely unpredictable and doesn’t bore you with stock licks. In fact he doesn’t bog himself down with just playing chord changes, and he plays ideas. He’s a true improviser."

Eric Reed, pianist & composer

Stacy Dillard, raised in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, started playing the saxophone at a rather late age. In his hometown, there isn't much music happening, but only Robert Moore, Stacy's band instructor, and a host of close friends. Athletics was a big part of his life, leading to the late start on the instrument. Stacy attended college at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio to study with Dr. William Denza, Jim Smith, Chris Berg, and Lenard Moses. Very quickly, Dillard acquired the necessary knowledge that would soon put his name out on the local scene. It was a run-in with Wynton Marsalis in Dayton, Ohio that would turn his attention to the New York Scene. After graduation, Stacy took the act to Cincinnati, where he stayed for a short time and made his first recording appearance with Mike Wade on trumpet, drummer Melvin Broach and pianist William Menefield. Maturation was very rapid, finally leading the way to New York.

"Stacy is a one-of-a-kind musician. Seriously."
Roy Hargrove

“A young saxophonist of serious promise” (Ben Ratliff, The New York Times), Stacy has caught the attention of many with his large and rich tone, developed ideas, accurate technique, work ethic, and patience, leading to a number of working opportunities. Dillard has played with Winard Harper, Cindy Blackmon, Lenny White, Norman Simmons, Frank Lacy, Wycliffe Gordon, Eric Reed, Roy Hargrove, Stephon Harris, Ernestine Anderson, Terrell Stafford, Herlin Riley, John Hicks, Frank Wess, Mulgrew Miller, Clark Terry, Victor Lewis, Steve Wilson, Johnny O'neal, Antonio Hart, Russell Malone, Lewis Nash, Mark Whitfield, the Mingus Big Band, and a host of others in different genres of music, including Shirley Ceasar, Alex Bugnon, Stephanie Mills, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, and more.

"Hey man, this (censored) can play. This MF can PLAY!"
Wynton Marsalis

As well as being a sideman, Stacy Dillard is currently leading three bands of his own. cPhyve is the genesis project, along with cPhour, which is stylistically similar to cPhyve. The Other Side is exactly what the name says. The cast of members are the same as cPhyve, but r&b/funk/hip-hop oriented.

To sum it all up, Stacy Dillard is a perfect example of the fusing of tradition and innovation, the combination which keeps EVERYTHING fresh, exciting, energetic, theraputic, and more importantly, real.


Stacy Dillard, "cPhyve" (MIH records)
Stacy Dillard, "Elite State of Mind" (MIH records)
Stacy Dillard, "One" (Smalls Records)
Stacy Dillard, "Good and Bad Memories" (Criss Cross)
Simona Premazzi, "Outside In"
The Other Side, "Invasion for Understated" (Same band members as cPhyve)
William Menefield, "Will's Revenge"
Mike Wade and the Jazz Mafia, "The Broach Approach"
cPhour, "Live in Queens"
cPhour, "Circle Square"
Wycliffe Gordon, "Cone's Coup" (Criss Cross)
Oscar Perez & Nuevo Comienzo, "Nuevo Comienzo"
Oscar Perez & Nuevo Comienzo, "Afropean Affair"
Todd Sines, "Overlap"
Winard Harper, "Make It Happen"
Greg Glassman, "Into The Wild"

Set List

cPhyve or The Other Side:

2 40 to 60-minute sets including mostly original material from our CD's. Very few covers and standards.