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Stacye Branche' @ Molly Malone's

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Stacye Branche' @ Molly Malone's

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Stacye Branche' @ Monsoons

Santa Monica, California, USA

Santa Monica, California, USA

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It’s a good feeling to be taken on another voyage of discovery in music. Stacye Branche has looks to kill and a voice to match. Her heartfelt songs are a beautiful blend of R&B and soul and she commands attention by her soothing delivery and the gorgeous rhythms. There are various textures to the album and she captures the emotions of love, sorrow, and fulfillment with a wonderful range. Stacye brings an articulation and warmth to the thought processes behind human relationships and it isn’t hard to be moved and seduced by her. Apparently, many musicians have been looking to collaborate with Stacye. Amongst them, such greats as Stevie Wonder and Herb Alpert. This comes as no surprise judging by what I have heard for the first time from her. Her sex appeal and classy singing makes this album invigorating and it says that Stacye has the talent and enthusiasm that should set her on the path to bigger things. Look for the excellent CD artwork and seductive pictures of Stacye, as well as bonus tracks.

Reviewer: Carmine Pascuzzi
- Mediasearch- Australia

Once again Soulportal reviews a independent release from the USA, this time the CD's comes from singer Stacye Branche who has just released her second album title "For The Man I Love".

Stacye's debut album from 2001 "I Believe" gave her quite many fans and plenty of good reviews in countries such as England and Japan.

Stacye Branche promotes her music as “Alternative Soul” which covers for styles such as soul, R&B, Jazz and Pop. On the album "For The Man I Love" Stacye Branche collaborate with long-time friend Lloyd 'LT' Tolbert and from that relationship you will find a collection of good sensual ballads.

On the album "For The Man I Love" you will find 14 tracks and the highlights being "Sweetly", the jazzy "Let Me", the bonus cut "Don't Stop" and the album's best "Two Souls". All tracks on the album holds a high standard and Stacye Branche are very convincing almost as a female version of colleague Leon Ware.

"For The Man I Love" is in some ways a different soul-album and will appeal to the more die-hard soul fans. You won't find any fiery r&b beats or hysteric shouts. Only very cool and relaxed soul-ballads.

Soulportal gives Stacye Branche 3-1/2 stars for her album "For The Man I Love".

Reviewer: Frank Ryle - Soulportal- Denmark

The music is superb!Professionally written, played and produced. the vocals are excellent, her phrasing is amazing and convey a personal depth that are both emotional and spiritual. the lyrisa cogent and the interpetation is smooth -

It's called "Alternative Soul" for a reason. It doesn't take on the typical posture of today's R&B sect, nor does it cross the board of Hip Hop like neo soul does. It's inundated with old school themes, merits, and passsion. It's Stacye Branche's commitment that separates her from most. It commences with her train of thought, suggesting a more subdued approach to love and the struggles that come along with it pride aside. Branche avoids exhausting the pace as well as the listener's patience by giving into chance, and by churning out heart-stopping ballads and credible mid-tempo ditties. She dives into the pressure cooker that ironically prevents most artist from burning up the charts. - Rollingout Magazine

Unafraid to open up about sexual fantasy, the R&B seductress asserts her dedication to her man over smooth grooves.

- Andrew Simon

Stacye Branche
“For The Man I Love”
Love Sound Music LSM 0218

With influences running the gamut from the late Minnie Riperton to Toni Braxton, Stacye Branche effortlessly breezes through 17 cuts with sensuality and assuredness on this follow-up to 2002’s “I Believe” release. Sparse accompaniment (piano, soft percussion and thoughtful strings) support Branche’s sumptuous three-octave vocal showcase.

Producer Lloyd Tolbert lays the groundwork for Branche’s freedom with a distinct urban adult approach married to tasteful arrangements that create an atmosphere quite conducive to lovemaking, or simply kicking back to tunes permeated with sincere emotional content.

Too few up-tempo songs is this reviewer’s only complaint, if only to hear how—not if—Branche might interpret them. Actually, the mid-tempo “Sweetly” pretty much fulfills that request. The surprise is how consistent Branche is throughout the entire CD, considering the many weak offerings from major labels these days. Strong Songs: “All Night,” “Silly,” “Two Souls.” As a matter of fact, all cuts.

- Gary Jackson


Stacye Branche' - "For The Man I Love" - CD - 2004

Stacye Branche' - "I Believe" - CD - 2001

Stacye Branche' - "Flash" - LP

The Brothers Singer/Songwriter ScreenGems/Sony
“How Did We Come To This”
Kingston High Singer/Songwriter Independent Film
“Come Into My World”
Blue Moon Singer/Songwriter Independent Film
“Don’t Fight Love”
Biker Boys Singer/Songwriter Dreamworks Films
“Don’t Stop”

Creator of independent label, Soulfare Music, Inc. and Love Sounds Music.
Executive Producer/Performer “I Believe” CD , and " For The Man I Love".




Launching New Musical Genre: “Alternative Soul”

Combining a unique blend of R&B, pop and soul, Stacye Branché placed her own brand of music, “alternative soul”, on the map with her CD “I Believe”, which has earned her a worldwide fan base from England to Japan, and everywhere in between.

Soothing sounds that rock to the rhythm, Branché’s unique brand of music, regarded as “something fresh” … “something familiar”, takes the listener on a sophisticated heart-warming journey through the realms of love. “I Believe” was released on Branché’s very own Soulfare Music label, and also marked her debut as executive producer.

Working with long-term friend and producer Lloyd “LT” Tolbert, Branché delivers lasting lyrics and beautiful ballads, mid and up-tempo songs in a collection that reaffirms our conviction for love.

Branché wrote and recorded the “I Believe” songs; “How Did We Come To This”, for the ScreenGems/Sony picture The Brothers; “Don’t Stop”, for the Dreamworks picture Biker Boys; “Come Into My World”, for the Independent film Kingston High; and “Don’t Fight”, for the independent film Blue Moon.

Mentored by legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Herb Alpert and R&B group The Emotions, Branché’s influences also include Minnie Riperton, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Carole King – all singers who have notoriously welled fan’s emotions for decades. She has gained wisdom from Barry White and in her own words “lyrical inspiration” from Stevie Wonder and “spiritual gratitude” from Herb Alpert’.

Giving her audience a new take on the ‘neo-soul’ vibe, Branché’s vocal interpretation and emotional lyrics conjure up emotions that warm and send your heart soaring. Nostalgic, secure, seductive and grounded in the realities and complexities of relationships, Branché articulates the wealth of human feelings and in doing so, move you.

Branche’ is currently finishing up songs for her next release taking her genre of “Alternative soul” to another level.

Branché’s CD “I Believe” is available direct from The site features sample tracks as well as an extensive photo gallery.

For further information visit