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A smooth blend of modern and old-school R&B. With a hint of Jazz



Launching New Musical Genre: “Alternative Soul”

Combining a unique blend of R&B, pop and soul, Stacye Branché placed her own brand of music, “alternative soul”, on the map with her CD “I Believe”, which has earned her a worldwide fan base from England to Japan, and everywhere in between.

Soothing sounds that rock to the rhythm, Branché’s unique brand of music, regarded as “something fresh” … “something familiar”, takes the listener on a sophisticated heart-warming journey through the realms of love. “I Believe” was released on Branché’s very own Soulfare Music label, and also marked her debut as executive producer.

Working with long-term friend and producer Lloyd “LT” Tolbert, Branché delivers lasting lyrics and beautiful ballads, mid and up-tempo songs in a collection that reaffirms our conviction for love.

Branché wrote and recorded the “I Believe” songs; “How Did We Come To This”, for the ScreenGems/Sony picture The Brothers; “Don’t Stop”, for the Dreamworks picture Biker Boys; “Come Into My World”, for the Independent film Kingston High; and “Don’t Fight”, for the independent film Blue Moon.

Mentored by legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Herb Alpert and R&B group The Emotions, Branché’s influences also include Minnie Riperton, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Carole King – all singers who have notoriously welled fan’s emotions for decades. She has gained wisdom from Barry White and in her own words “lyrical inspiration” from Stevie Wonder and “spiritual gratitude” from Herb Alpert’.

Giving her audience a new take on the ‘neo-soul’ vibe, Branché’s vocal interpretation and emotional lyrics conjure up emotions that warm and send your heart soaring. Nostalgic, secure, seductive and grounded in the realities and complexities of relationships, Branché articulates the wealth of human feelings and in doing so, move you.

Branche’ is currently finishing up songs for her next release taking her genre of “Alternative soul” to another level.

Branché’s CD “I Believe” is available direct from The site features sample tracks as well as an extensive photo gallery.

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Written By: S. Branche/L. Tolbert


What was I thinkin’
To send you away?
I was just bein’ silly
Not let you stay
In the night I feel so lonely
Baby thinkin’ of you
Need to get you back
Wish I knew just what to do
All day and night I wish that I could hold you tight
I want to put aside my pride, and love you so right

Silly of me to be thinkin’ of you
Silly of me to think that you still want me
Silly of me to think that you’d come back to me

How I wish I hadn’t sent away
I dream about you every night and day
Can you forgive me for the mistake I made
I don’t know what I thinkin’
I should’ve known I’d be missin’ you
All I’m wishing now is that you feel the same
All day and all night I’m wishing you were back in my life
I wish I knew how to make what I made wrong all right

Silly of me to be thinkin’ of you
Silly of me to think that you still want me
Silly of me to think that one day you’d come back to me

Oh I’ve been so silly
Do you still want me?
Won’t you come back?
Oh I’ve been so silly
Can’t stop thinkin of you
Can you forgive me
Won’t you come back and love me

Silly of me to be thinkin’ of you
Silly of me to think that you still want me
Silly of me to think that you’d come back to me

"The Way You Love Me"

Written By: S. Branche/L. Tolbert


I love the way I feel about you
Never felt this way before
It’s somethin’ I can’t describe
I got feelin’ I don’t want to hide
There’s a magic in your touch
I never wanted anybody this much
I love the way that you’re touchin’ me
The way that you hold and kissin me

Oh Babe
The way you love me
Giving me a love so sweet
Baby give it all to me
I love the way you love me

Oh babe
The way you love me
Giving me a love so sweet
Baby give me all you got
Don’t let this lovin’ stop

I love your hands all over me body
As you whisper softly to me
How you want to male love to me
How good it’s going to be

I want to feel you close to me
Close as we two can be
I love the way that you’re touchin’ me
The way you feel all over me


Let’s get this lovin started
Don’t make me wait darlin’
I’m wanting you so much
I can’t get enough of your touch

I’ve been in love before
But it wasn’t this way
Oh Boy what you do to me
How you drive me crazy


Then You Came

Written By: Stacye Branche And Lloyd Tolbert

Then you Came
Writers: Stacye Branche’ and Lloyd Tolbert

Let’s start Here
I want to tell you how you make me feel…..

For so long I waited for love
But love couldn’t seem to find me
No, no not giving up hope I wondered and dreamed
What my life would be like in love
In love…..

Then you came chasing loneliness away
They’re no words to explain the joy you bring to me

Then you came turning sky’s blue that were gray
Giving more than love everyday
I thank you baby for loving me
For loving me….

I didn’t know love could feel this good
I didn’t know I ‘d wake everyday with a smile on my face no
You make sure I want for nothing
Always giving all that I need
You are all that I need…..


Out of nowhere you were there
Bringing love so sweet
I never thought love would happen to me
Then you came…..


Stacye Branche' - "For The Man I Love" - CD - 2004

Stacye Branche' - "I Believe" - CD - 2001

Stacye Branche' - "Flash" - LP

The Brothers Singer/Songwriter ScreenGems/Sony
“How Did We Come To This”
Kingston High Singer/Songwriter Independent Film
“Come Into My World”
Blue Moon Singer/Songwriter Independent Film
“Don’t Fight Love”
Biker Boys Singer/Songwriter Dreamworks Films
“Don’t Stop”

Creator of independent label, Soulfare Music, Inc. and Love Sounds Music.
Executive Producer/Performer “I Believe” CD , and " For The Man I Love".

Set List

A usual Set is a combination of originals and covers. The Set time is from 30 to 45 min. depending on Venue.

Covers are usually R&B hits from the 70's. (ie., Motown songs)

**Complete song list available upon request**

" Come Into My World" - (Original)
"Until You Come Back To Me" - (cover)
" I Know Love" - (original)
"Don't Fight Love " - (original)
"How Did We Come To This" - ( original)
"Silly" - (original)
"All Over Me" - (original)
"Let Me" - (original)
"Perfect Angel" - (cover)
"I Like It" - (original)
"Work To Do" (cover)