Stacy Ingram

Stacy Ingram


Stacy Ingram is an edgy piano-pop songwriter with a powerhouse voice. She writes thought-provoking lyrics with memorable melodies. "I want to give people a song to sing in those days when all hope seems gone and to let them know that God is there for them at any moment."


Stacy Ingram grew up in a small town in East-Central Illinois, writing her first song when she was only 6 years old entitled, “My Dad, He’s a Really Cool Dad”. At a young age, Stacy loved singing and making up songs and began to make tapes of her songs for her family and friends. These tapes were just the beginning of what would turn out to be God’s calling on her life.

In 1998, Stacy began attending Living Word Fellowship in St. Joseph, IL. It was serving in her local church where she realized that God had a purpose for her musical ability. She started playing at local fairs and talent shows but what she loved the most was singing special music at church, most of which were original compositions. This lead to her being asked to lead worship for the church’s youth group. Soon after, Stacy began writing worship songs for the band to play and grew to love songwriting. In 2006, Stacy felt God leading her to move out of her hometown of St. Joseph. Hesitantly, but willingly, Stacy packed her bags and headed to St. Louis. She quickly became involved in the growing music and songwriting community in the area. In 2007, Stacy entered the JOY-FM, iSing St. Louis competition held at Six Flags, and out of the hundreds of applicants, Stacy was chosen as one of 10 finalists, and eventually went on to win the event. The competition allowed Stacy be the opening act for Third Day in June 2007. The singer-songwriter performed her most popular song, “How Many Times”, for a crowd of over 5000 people. Since then, Stacy has had many opportunities to play in the St. Louis area.

Stacy's voice has been described as "Carrie Underwood meets Avril Lavigne and Nichole Nordeman". Her brand of piano-based edgy pop songs combined with her powerhouse voice, gives audiences a fresh approach to Christian music With thought provoking lyrics, Stacy blends a unique mix of sounds ranging from big vocal piano ballads, to contemporary-edgy pop, to singer/songwriter style, that lends itself to very singable and memorable choruses. Stacy has a passion to help people find God in everyday circumstances. "My goal is to give people a song to sing during those days when nothing is going right and all hope seems gone. I want to help people realize that God is with them every step of the way, even when they don't know it." Stacy is currently working on her first studio album that she hopes to have done in early spring 2008.


How Many Times

Written By: Stacy Ingram

When I walked away from that crash
WIth nothing but a little scratch
Told me just how lucky I was
But i knew that it was much more than luck
Cause I felt Your arms guarding me
But was this the first time or just one of many

How many times have You saved my life
How many times have You kept watch over me
How many times have You blocked the road before me
Lord, how could I ever know, how many times

It's obvious at times You're there
But are their times when I'm unaware,
You're guiding me
Ordering my steps as I go
Keeping me from dangers unknown
Is it just inconvenient when I'm running late
Or is it Your hand at work keeping me safe

Will I ever see all that's fallen down beside me