We predominantly write and perform Afrikaans soft rock and dance music but do also cross over into the English market staying in the same genre


Stadsboer started as a group of friends brought together by their love for music and individually playing different musical instruments making up the core of the band.

We see ourselves as Afrikaans “farm life-style” people at heart living in the big city and from this our name was borne Stadsboer translated in English “Cityfarmer”...however the direct translation does not bring the name justice..

Over the years the band has evolved into something special as the different musical influences of each member from the international rock genre scene to our local Afrikaans and English rock and dance scene with artist like Gerhard Steyn, Theuns Jordaan, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Bok van Blerk and Prime Circle to name a few has sculpted our song writing and melodies into a unique sound not comparable to any other.

Stadsboer is also known for its beautiful male and female vocals with Ruan Hoffman and Michelle Matthews Malan’s individual and collaborating efforts as the bands vocalists.