Grot Pop for BMX kids. File somewhere between Weezer and Fleetwood Mac.


We're a band from various villages in the Surrey Hills. We started off as a 2 piece and added a new member every year until we felt we could comfortably rock a stadium. I guess we formed the band because we're no good at sports and don't have any other hobbies apart from maybe skimming stones. We wanted to make Country music but things evolved around the time we rediscovered our tape collections from 1993. The songs are about the usual stuff, hot dogs, girls and hot sauce.


School Day EP (4 tracks) - Self Released 2008

WE GOT TAZERS! (6 Track EP) - Released via Alcopop! Records 2009

We have been played on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, XFM, BBC UK regional stations, NME Radio, many blog casts and internet radio shows.

Our music is also in various TV programmes.

Set List

Our sets tend to be around 30 mins. We like to get in quick, melt some faces and get the hell out. Some times we do an encore.

Climbing is our second favourite hobby after skimming stones. This is a good thing because music venues are made for this; speakers, stands, barriers, crowds, bars... you name it.

Banter tends to consist of discussing food and Grease.

We've often been described as 3 rhinos and 2 gazels having a head butting competition. Good times.

Current set:

1. Shout "yup" a lot.
2. heiroglyphics (super fast and very short pop song with a riff not unlike the theme from Jurrasic Park)
3. Break (The Nirvana type heavy pop number)
4. We Got Tazers! (our single)
5. Axe behind My Back (hopefully our next single. It has a Korn style beat-down filtered through 'Rumours'.
6. Smashed Up Nacho (A song about self-fulfilment coming from watching Headbanger's Ball)
7. Ice Age (Luke writes himself into a Judd Apatow)
8. New Song (As of yet no proper words but it roc