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The best kept secret in music


"Stagecoach Taxi - Summer Tears"

“…driven by an exiguous, mildly folky progression, this is a gentle, nick drake-like pop production. The slightly wistful mood which permeates the album is well served by the very minimal arrangement, with soft, Simon and Garfunkel-esque harmonies percolating occasionally. Although the album tends to be dark there are a few songs in which you can hear a bit of brightness coming to the surface. Experimentation is the key on this album. While one song can be a gentle, Elliot smith-style ballad with an ending reminiscent of the verve, with its rondo-like harmonies, the next is a faster paced pop-ish number complete with synth drums bringing to mind The Postal Service. The vocals tend to be slightly reserved, although they shouldn’t be, as Noah has a delightfully earnest, soft tenor. These vocals combined with strong choral hooks create a wonderful flow throughout the entire CD. The strength of this album was its experimentation and its vocalist, whose tones and, well, vibe, sold it. This is a refreshing breath of fresh air in a world of music overrun by major label releases. A great recording. - EMO Zine


A SUMMER TEARS: Full Length, Due out August 27th 2004

ANOTHER ONE TO REMEMBER: Independent band release - Available upon request.

SWOOP - "EVERYTHING AFTER DAWN": Independent band release - Available upon request


Feeling a bit camera shy


While Stagecoach Taxi is named as a band, it is for the most part the solo project of Noah Galley (formerly of Swoop and before that Humbug). While most people are surprised to learn it is a solo act, the name brings around a level of freedom and flexibility. It allows Stagecoach Taxi to switch from its recording line up of Noah and back-up player/producer Ben Martel (BENJAMIN' to a full band for shows, back to just Noah with an acoustic guitar for smaller more intimate venues such as coffee houses or Cafe's. This was primarily done to make it more of a group thing if there were ever a need for a full band at a live show. As Noah puts it: "It becomes less of a backup group and more of a band, plus Noah Galley just doesn't have that 'performer name' ring to it." Once you get past the whole name thing you start to appreciate the music much more. Somewhat emotional and angst ridden lyrics accompanied by mellow soulful guitars comparable to John Mayer or Dashboard Confessional can be followed by a driving electronic beat-based song that reminds you of The Postal Service, and then all that can be followed by a somewhat modern folk song. This is a rare mix to see coming from a young singer/songwriter.

The upcoming album "A Summers Tears" blends all of these musical styles together with grace and simple yet elegant style, jumping between genres with ease. Stagecoach Taxi becomes even more intriguing when you learn that the ENTIRE album was written, recorded, produced, mixed, designed, and mastered (other than final mastering) by Noah.

A Summer Tears is due out August 27th 2004. Shows are planned throughout July, August, and September in the New England area to support the album. For more info check out the independent record label Hound Records (incidentally also started by Noah) at