Stage County

Stage County


Modern Country with Classic & Southern Rock Overtones. Red Dirt Music. High Energy Stage Show. Talented & Charismatic Front Man, Lead Guitarist Texas Music Award nominee 2010, Energetic & Experienced Rhythm Section.


Steve Brack & Stage County Oklahoma Rodeo Rock Country Lead Vocals & Guitar: Steve Brack, Lead Guitar: Eric Williams, Bass Guitar: Joe Ellington, Percussion: Mike Tapscott, Sound Engineer: Richard Thomason. About Stage County We play an original style of Rodeo Rock Country Music, taking a little bit from all of our influences: Chris LeDoux, The Old School Outlaw’s, 70's Rock Music, "When Willie Took Country to the Hippies", Hendrix Guitars, Southern Western Finger Pickin', A Little BB King For A Touch Of Blues. About Western Nights Album Steve Brack & Stage County have continued breaking boundaries in the Oklahoma / Texas Red Dirt Scene with the release of their genre-bending new album entitled "Western Nights". This is the bands second full length album, and from the sound of it, these boys have definitely been sharpening their sound since the release of their self titled debut album. Tight songwriting and ambitious musical direction permeate the ten tracks on "Western Nights". While the album clocks in at just shy of forty minutes, it is a tour-de-force of musical mind-melds. Alt/Country forged in the fire of Rock and Roll covered with the dusty red dirt of the Oklahoma Territory. Is it Rock? Not when you are listening to the soaring steel guitar and plaintive George Strait - style vocal on the track "Amarillo", or the downright gritty honky-tonk guitars on the whiskey soaked track "Let's Drink". Is it Country? The thunderous "Spinning Spurs", with its salty brew of Soundgarden riffing matched with Chris LeDoux -rodeo-cowboy-anthem lyrics, would say not, yet…What are these guys trying to do? If this is Country, then it ain’t your Grandma’s Country. Stage County hails from the breathy flat lands of Oklahoma somewhere near the intersection of I-35 and I-40, the Heartland of America. The sprawling Oklahoma City, with its six county wide urban/rural expanse surrounding it, covers some 800 square miles and is home to half the states 3.5 million people. This is the South I – 35 corridor; a 600 mile stretch of highway anchored in the large Texas metroplexes, cutting right through this region on to Kansas City. In the middle of this strip between Norman, 70 miles from the Texas State line, to Stillwater, home of the early pioneers of Red Dirt music, lies the answer to the enigma of Stage County. Only in this melting pot of Middle America could such widely diverse musicians come together and play this type of new wave of American Country Music. Take a 6’2”, pressed wrangler wearing, self proclaimed rodeo rocker named Steve Brack and throw him in the breaking pen with a veteran Southside OKC classic-rocker rhythm section and then bring in a former head banging metal guitarist turned blues aficionado and see who comes out bruised and battered. Now throw in a second generation chicken pickin’, telecaster wielding, guitarist with a chip on his shoulder and you are sure to be repairing fences on a regular basis. “Thats how it kinda was in the early days with this band, but I like your analogy, a breaking pen…” laughed Steve Brack, vocalist and key songwriter for Stage County. “When I first met these guys, I had a few songs written and I was interested in putting together a band and eventually make a record. I have a real, straight up Honky Tonk Bar Room background, so I was totally blown away by the drive the guys put behind the songs”. The band’s debut album, released in July of 2007, came out of these early sessions. “It took a while for the line up to solidify, but, once it did, we had a fair balance of Country music background with Steve, and Johnny and then the Classic Rock, Metal and Grunge with the rest of us…it really started to click,” says guitarist Eric “EZE” Williams. “We recorded all of the basic tracks for the first album in two, four hour sessions “. Eric and Johnny then went back to record their guitar solos, each with their own distinctive style; EZE with his overdrive drenched Les Paul, and Johnny Sly with his telecaster twang. The result was a curious low-budget blend of the modern Country influence with a real Rock ethic. We’re talking twin guitar solos and power chords. ZZ top style Thunder Boogies and Southern Rock Rodeo Anthems sung with the gusto of a Country Boy Done Good. “It really worked and people started to take notice of what we were trying to do. Although, it was bizarre at first, for me personally, to be playing with a band labeled as Country, I quickly realized that with the songs we were writing and recording with Steve, we were doing something very different from the traditional Nashville style of Country and it was OK,” says EZE. “Some call it Red Dirt, some not, I like to call it Rodeo Rock,” says Steve Brack. “The original Red Dirt started up in Stillwater with Bob Childers, Mike McClure (The Great Divide), Johnny Cooper (Red Dirt Rangers), and Cody Canada (Cross Canadian Ragweed) Jason Boland and so on…We are just doing our own thing, kinda like they were. We have our roots in Ok


LP - Steve Brack & Stage County (2007)
Single -"Buckin' Crazy" (single) Internet Radio airplay & Modern Country format Radio airplay

LP - Western Nights (2009)
Singles - "Drunk Dialing", "Let's Drink", "Western Nights" Internet Radio Airplay, Modern Country format Radio airplay

Set List

20 Original Songs taken from our two albums.
Covers: Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Hank III, Jackson Taylor, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dierks Bentley, Jamie Johnson, Gary Allan, Chris Ledoux.

Typical show is 2 - 2.5 hour showcase set combining original song and choice covers. Also able to do 3 one hour sets or 4 45's for club gigs.

Song List:
No Apologies - Jackson Taylor
Dark Days - Jackson Taylor
Did Hank Really Do It This Way - Waylon Jennings
Lotta Leavin’ Left to Do -Dierks Bentley
8 Second Ride - Chris Ledoux
Cry Lonely - Cross Canadian Ragweed
My Baby Loves Me When I’m Stoned - Jason Boland & the Stragglers
Fighting For - Cross Canadian Ragweed
Boys from Oklahoma - Cross Canadian Ragweed
17 - Cross Canadian Ragweed
Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
Saturday Night Special - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash / Hank III
Louisiana Rain - Trent Wilmon
Beer, Bait & Ammo - George Jones / Kevin Fowler