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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bands Battle for beads"

"Stage Crew performed next, surprising the crowd with an unexpected sound. This band was unusual in that it included an accordion with appearances by an Irish tin-whistle. Although that might sound like a country band from the boondocks, Stage Crew surprised the crowd with a rock sound that commanded admiration. Their show was innovative and fresh, like Irish Soda Bread with Tabasco." - Buffalo News

"Celtic Rock Meets Mighty Taco"

Full article with interview but highlights include:

"Irish bands come in three different varieties. The first variety plays music that makes you want to emigrate and start a new life someplace else. The second variety makes you so angry that you want to throw bricks, run guns, or support a cause. The final type captures the spirit of a post-Saint Patrick's Day parade party and is played with a wink and a nod. Stage Crew falls into the wink and a nod category. They play an infectious form of Celtic rock that invites you to be part of the celebration"

"We just have a good time. We dont care about the money. Money is cool, we like it and all. We never take the money individually. We have never broken up the money amongst each other. We put it back into our band, into our equipment, says Hart."

"They are playing for the sake of the music, the experience, the interaction, of the crowd, and the late night Mexican food." - The Buffalo Spree


"No Place Like Home" - Recorded at Outer Limit Recording Studio with Ken Rutowski (8-mile soundtrack producer). Featuring "Late nights", "Twisted Reality". - 2004.

"Acoustic Single" - "Better Days Ahead" - John Hart - 2005.

"Live for Today" - featuring "Maggie Mayo", "Blisters" and "Song with No Name" - 2007.

"Heart and Soul" - coming in Summer 2008 featuring "Band of Brothers", "Young Again", "Sunday Morning" and many more.



It all began back in the fall of 2002. John Hart had grown an interest in traditional Irish music. Being taught music on piano nearly his whole life, John pursued his interest and began taking bagpipe lessons from a local pipes and drums band. Within just months of training on the chanter, what normally took years, John was told to buy bagpipes that he was ready to play. With his investment in bagpipes and performing at Irish festivals he was introduced to new instruments that sparked his interest even more. Soon he had bought his first accordion, to be followed by an Irish whistle, and a mandolin. He sat and taught himself everything just from listening to records of his favorite bands.
Upon the start of sophomore year of high school, John met up with fellow South Buffalo native and neighbor Pat Nolan. John had been walking up and down his driveway playing his newly acquired accordion when Pat walked by. Pat wasn’t even sure what John was playing but he liked the sound. Pat, a guitar player, showed interest in starting a band with these eclectic instruments. Soon these two met up with Andy Emhof, another South Buffalo native and an extremely talented bass player. Before the guys could even ask Andy to join, the three of them were sitting in John’s basement listening to records of bands they enjoyed. From The Pogues to Phish to Blink 182 to the Dave Matthews Band, the guys all drew from varied musical backgrounds.
One day, when the guys were sitting in on a practice of their friend’s band, John, Pat and Andy met drummer, Joe Malinowski. He showed interest in the guy’s idea. He said he wanted to try it out and offered to play drums. That December, the guys came up with the name Stage Crew the day of their very first show opening up for local legends Jackdaw at the Buffalo Irish Center. Stage Crew only had four songs they performed because that was all they could get done in time for the show. However, with the years to come the band soon got serious and completely took off.
Now, almost five years later and with a newly added guitar player, Ryan Kearns, Stage Crew has just released their second studio album produced and recorded completely by the band. Stage Crew has grown into a very popular band in the greater Buffalo area along with their occasional road trips to Cleveland and New York City for shows. With the average band age being twenty, this band has not only great talent and potential, but a lot of time to prove themselves. With an extremely successful summer, Stage Crew is now planning to put the pedal to the metal and work their hardest to showcase their music to all audiences of all ages in all places. Stage Crew is one of the most energetic and entertaining live bands out there. No one of any age or race goes home from a Stage Crew performance upset.
What is important to know about this band is that they love what they do and they are four of the most dedicated musicians out there. On top of their immense talent, Stage Crew is a working class band with a hard working drive. Their musical knowledge and background is unmatched. They are NOT an Irish band. They are influenced by traditional Irish music but they are equally influenced by rock, pop, punk, jazz, blues, soul, and rap. “We just do what we do, and we make sure we do it really well.” –Johnny Hart