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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Broadway


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"Live show review"

“[B]ombastic Broadway rock. … Picture a six-piece girl/guy band in top hats, black outfits and white masks singing rock opera at the top of their lungs and choreographically dancing. Thankfully, they’re good at it, and their songs are top-notch.”

- NOW magazine
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- Now Magazine

"Silent City EP review"

“Stagehands is a bit of a misnomer because there’s nothing ‘behind the scenes’ at all about the dramatic music this multi-person act makes. … Stagehands may see the future of the music business better than many.”

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"Feature article"

“In this world of endlessly referential acts that ‘sound like ___’ or ‘are a mix of band x and band y with an injection of genre z,’ where PR obscures the music with a blizzard of buzzwords and meaningless categorization, it's nice to see someone genuinely try to come up with something a little bit different.”

- We Hate Your Hate, music blog
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- We Hate Your Hate


"The Silent City' - full-length album



Picture a musical without the jazz hands. Picture a rock band without the hangover. Now throw in an eclectic mix of catchy songs. The result is Stagehands, a band that combines theatre and pop-rock to create a whole new kind of show. This is Broadway-Rock!

Part grit, part glamour, Stagehands is not just a band, but also a theatrical production which combines the sound and storytelling of Broadway with the power and excitement of rock. Their first show, The Silent City, is performed by the band’s members (Geoff Stevens, Mackenzie Zufelt, Justine Moritz, Nemanja Protic, David Yenovkian, and Marko Pandza) who double as musicians and actors.

Stagehands’ first album, The Silent City, was written and produced from the ground up by the group itself. It tells the story of Stan, a lonely and frustrated songwriter who travels to Laconia, The Land of Entertainment, in search of fame. What Stan finds upon his arrival is a city whose celebrity citizens are forced to wear masks by the evil, all-powerful, yet charming Mayor. By the end of his adventure in Laconia, Stan must face an impossible choice: fighting the Mayor and losing his chance at fame, or wearing the mask and losing himself. The Silent City races through a wide range of musical genres toward a musical finale that will decide Stan's and Laconia's fates forever.

With an arsenal of innovative songs, Stagehands is poised to take centre-stage on the contemporary music scene. Get ready!