Stagger 4th

Stagger 4th


We are the band thats going to bring back Rock !


Stagger 4th

What started as a reggae blues project quickly went sideways with the addition of not one but two lead vocalist, sending the now five musical delinquents spiraling into the unknown. How we all came together is a mystery but the best things in life are. Since each of us are able to bring our own musical agenda to the table, we are able to put a unique spin onto this musical melting pot. leaving you asking the question, simply what’s next. So whether you are one the lost, jilted or broken its time to stand up and stagger fourth.


Snorting Ashes -EP
Suffocate - Treat Me that way - Before Me all aviable to hear on our web site .

Set List

Someting I Said
Sad Ballet
Sea of Fears
Before Me
Treat Me that Way
Down Soul

our sets are generally 45min to 1hour of orriginal music